Do pros use Vandal?

While the Vandal still tops the charts in pro play, pro players do tend to adopt the Phantom at a higher rate than players in competitive queue.

Why do pros use Vandal?

Pros and Cons of the Vandal

Better damage than a Phantom. Has no damage drop-off, can one tap the enemy at any distance. Excels against its rival weapon in long range.

Is Vandal more accurate?

Compared to VALORANT’s other general-purpose rifle, the Phantom, the Vandal is guaranteed to instantly kill an enemy with one bullet to the head whereas the Phantom’s damage falloff results in it requiring multiple bullets at medium to long range to get headshot kills.

Do you use phantom or Vandal reddit?

I personally have been mostly using vandal as it reminds me ak from csgo and kills from 1 to head. It feels like I start spraying way too much with phantom which causes me to lose the gunfight as I’ve noticed spraying in this game is bad. Started playing Val not so long ago, used to play CS:GO on faceit 2k+ elo.

Do pros prefer Vandal or phantom?

FAQs. Is the Phantom better than the Vandal? The Phantom has a suppressor, a higher fire rate, and a bigger magazine than the Vandal. However, the damage drop-off makes the Vandal a more popular choice amongst pro play.

MASTER the VANDAL in 10 Minutes! – Valorant Guide

Why do pros use phantom instead of Vandal?

For the Vandal, the number of times a headshot doesn’t kill a target remains consistently 0%. That’s because a Vandal headshot does 160 damage at any range without penetration. But for the Phantom, the percentage of headshots that don’t kill their target rises dramatically at range.

Is Vandal harder than phantom?

The Phantom is undoubtedly better than the Vandal at close range, as players can quickly compensate for its recoil and adjust bullet trajectories. The gun also retains more accuracy while moving, which can help it score a point above the Vandal.

Do I spray with Vandal?

Burst/Tap Fire:

While using a Vandal, do not commit to spraying at medium to long ranges. Instead, learn to burst or tap fire. The recoil pattern of the Vandal is very unpredictable.

Should you ever spray with Vandal?

While not a major difference in short range, a comparison between the two in a long range setting would require more pulldown and better spray control when using a Vandal. Due to the Vandal’s larger spray pattern, it is generally advised not to spray long range.

Who is the best Vandal player?

machine scream arguably one of the best aimers in the game right now the vandal is the optimal weapon of choice for him as his first shot accuracy is just so insane screen primarily plays duelists. especially reina and jet who both are perfect for taking advantage of the vandal.

Why does everyone use Recon phantom?

Recon Phantom was popularized by pro players, and it gained traction due to its clean design yet insanely good kill sound. Getting multi-kills with this skin via spray transfer is the most satisfactory thing in Valorant.

How many bullets should you burst with Vandal?

meet the shooting higher. that means your recoil. has shot ahead of its regular 3 bullet burst. fire 3 bullets and fire another quick one. okay.

What is the best Vandal skin for aim?

Valorant: 10 Best Vandal Skins, Ranked

  1. 1 Araxys Vandal. Araxys is among the latest collections, and the Vandal skin from the same has caught the attention of many.
  2. 2 Reaver Vandal. …
  3. 3 RGX 11z Pro Vandal. …
  4. 4 Ion Vandal. …
  5. 5 Chronovoid Vandal. …
  6. 6 Prime Vandal. …
  7. 7 Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal. …
  8. 8 Prelude to Chaos Vandal. …

How much damage does Vandal do per shot?

It has a primary fire that fires 9.75 rounds per second and an alt fire that fires 9.9 rounds per second. The Vandal is a rifle that deals 34 (leg), 40 (body), and 160 (head) per bullet, regardless of distance.

Did they change Vandal recoil?

Vandal vertical recoil multiplier while running adjusted from 1.5 to 1.8.

What gun is phantom in real life?

The Phantom’s design is a mix of Heckler & Koch’s HK433 and FN SCAR-H. The model has a handguard, charging handle, and receiver based on the HK433, while the magazine is a replica of FN’s proprietary SCAR-17 magazine.

What gun is the Vandal based off of?

Vandal = AKM with MOE handguard , Zenit RK3 pistol grip , it has a 3 in one compesator ( doesnt exists ) , aks74u iron sights and PRS Gen3 stock.

What percent of pros use phantom?

however, 90% of the pros prefer using the phantom. their aim is spot on, they’re aware about the spray pattern and recoil and they are on that level for a reason.

What is better for long range Vandal or phantom?

The Vandal fans love it for the insta-kill headshot damage and long-range viability, while the Phantom lovers enjoy the recoil and spray stability.

Does Vandal do more damage?

A headshot with a Vandal does 160 damage at any range without penetration, meaning it’s an automatic elimination. The Vandal gets a higher percentage of headshots in comparison to the Phantom’s bigger percentage of body and leg shots.

What caliber is the Vandal?

The Vandal was specifically designed for the 22 Creedmoor caliber and is only offered in the 22 Creedmoor. From the texture painted iota EKO stock to the 18” 416R stainless barrel length to the 1:8 twist rate to the magazine to the price point, this rifle offers all ages and experiences an incredibly versatile rifle.

How much does Vandal cost in game?

How to buy Vandal skins. In VALORANT, you’ll find currently available skins through the in-game store. Vandal skins are priced between 875 VP and 2675 VP depending on their skin tier – if you have enough VP, just click the purchase button to add the skin to your collection.

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