Do I blame Chloe or take the blame?

If players only want to guarantee that Max doesn’t get in trouble later in the story, then they should choose to blame Chloe instead. Theirs is a relationship that actually matters in a video game, so it’s definitely worth considering the consequences of this decision.

Is it better to help Chloe or stay hidden?

Choices and Consequences

Taking the blame in both cases results in largely the same consequences; Chloe will stay in a good mood and will show Max the stolen gun, but Max may be left with a permanent stain on her Blackwell record. Staying hidden will make Chloe a little upset, and she won’t show Max her new toy.

What happens if I side with Chloe?

If you side with Chloe, Joyce tells David to leave and is absolutely miserable. I felt bad for the poor women, her first husband dies, her daughter blames her for it and grows up hating her, and the one person who she finds comfort in is a complete jerk.

Is it better to take a photo or intervene?

Should You Take Photo or Intervene? This is one of the most important choices to make in Life is Strange. The spoiler sections above contain the full consequences of the decision, but if players wish to see the best outcome for other characters in Arcadia Bay, they should choose to intervene and help Kate.

Is there a way to stop Chloe from being paralyzed?

No. Unfortunately at the point of the game you are at, Chloe is already paralysed and there is nothing that Max/You can do to prevent or change this.

Life is Strange take the blame for chloe or blame her

Is it better to sacrifice Chloe or Arcadia Bay?

This is the most important choice in Life is Strange, but the only correct option is to pick whichever ending players feel is right. Although sacrificing the whole of Arcadia Bay just for Chloe might seem like the “bad” ending, Episode 5 makes a compelling case for why both options are viable.

Can you stop Chloe’s dad from dying?

It might not seem obvious at first, but the best place to hide the keys in order to save William in Episode 3 of Life is Strange is the sink full of water in the kitchen. Chloe’s father can no longer hear the locator beeper going off, so he won’t take the fatal car journey in this reality.

Should Kate go to the police or look for proof?

Although she can be convinced without choosing to go to the police, it is hard to do so without knowing the correct decisions in advance. It’s recommended to back up Kate’s decision to go to the police, as the choice to look for proof doesn’t actually have any significant benefits.

How do you make Kate not jump?

However, you’ll need to use her faith to do so. If you looked in Kate’s bible earlier in the episode, then you’ll know she’s a big fan of the Matthew 11:28 passage. Thus, select that dialog option to have Max recite it to Kate. It will change her mind, and she’ll step away from the ledge.

What to say to Kate to save her?

Below is a list of the following dialogue options that will lead to you saving Kate.

  1. You matter, not just to me.
  2. You’re my friend.
  3. Nathan is involved.
  4. Be strong.
  5. Your father (Your sisters will also work).

Should I kiss or not kiss Chloe?

Chloe is still recovering from the disappearance of Rachel Amber but players see how her reunion with Max helps her through the fog. Max has the option to kiss Chloe, if she does this then the two of them will begin to develop a more romantic relationship and if not then it will continue as a platonic friendship.

Is it better to defend Chloe or David?

Given Chloe’s relationship with her stepfather and the strength of her bond with Max, most players tend to badmouth David at every opportunity. This ultimately leads to him and Joyce breaking up for good, but players can save their relationship if they choose to side with David instead.

Can I save Chloe from being shot?

You can’t prevent her death. It’s the same for everyone, whatever choices you make.

What happens if you tell David Chloe died?

An important choice occurs here, where you can tell David the truth about Chloe or lie to him. If you reveal the truth, he will kill Jefferson, if you lie then he will think everything is okay and Jefferson goes to jail. Max will now be back in town, amidst it’s annihilation by the tornado.

What happens if Chloe keeps the money?

It’s recommended to let Chloe take the money, as a future encounter with Frank is made a lot easier to navigate, and Max and Chloe’s friendship is made stronger.

Where do I hide Chloe’s dads keys?

His keys are on the table, under his hat, so rewind time then grab them before he does. Take them and drop them in the kitchen sink. If you don’t, he will find them using a location tool. By putting them in the sink, you break the locator and he never finds them, eventually deciding to take the bus.

Can you save Kate from being crushed?

Save Both Jamie and Kate in Crushed

If Jamie has the screwdriver, it’s best to have Kate beg her not to die by choosing the right-hand option: Afraid, “I don’t want to die.” The best way to make sure this scene goes well is to make sure that Jamie has the screwdriver and to choose the Afraid option.

Can Kate be saved?

It’s still possible to save Kate even if Max wasn’t as nice as she could have been toward her bullied friend. This guide will cover how to save Kate in Life is Strange by providing the correct dialogue choices, no matter what players have done up to this point.

Do I answer Kate’s call?

To help guarantee Kate’s happiness, players should answer her call. Those who want to see Chloe and Max develop feelings for each other should ignore Kate’s call instead. Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia, with a Switch version releasing later in 2022.

What is Kate not allowed to do?

There are many rules and protocols that Kate must follow which Meghan never had to. Kate isn’t allowed to vote in general elections and she must wear hats to formal events.

What happens if you don’t pick up Kate’s call?

If you did not answer Kate’s phone call, the options are “It was in silent mode/My phone died/I was with Chloe/Thought it was Warren.” The only option that Kate will take well is “It was in silent mode.”

What title does Kate hold?

Upon marrying Prince William in 2011, Kate was officially named Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge. It was her first and is her longest-held role. She retains the title today, despite her ascension to Princess of Wales.

How does Chloe get paralyzed?

Unfortunately, one day while Chloe was driving this vehicle, an SUV cuts her off. She then crashes into a ditch and severely damages her spine in the process.

Can I hide in Chloe’s room?

Chloe will insist you hide, so if you want to, head to her closet. Before going inside, make sure you move the lamp, or else it will cause everything to fall out. Once the lamp is moved, you can safely enter the closet and hide as her father comes in the room.

Is Chloe’s dad in heaven?

Michael kills her during the final battle, and she is reunited with her father in Heaven before Lucifer sacrifices himself to resurrect her. Using Amenadiel’s necklace, Chloe subdues Michael before Lucifer’s selfless sacrifice resurrects him as the new God.

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