Do gaming routers really make a difference?

According to HP, gaming routers make a difference even if the user is not a gamer, however, some claim it is a marketing scheme.

Computer-related companies target gamers with all kinds of special gaming products. People can buy gaming headsets, mice, keyboards, and motherboards to improve their gaming experience. However, it does not stop there.

Most major router manufactures now offer gaming routers, which are specifically designed with online gaming in mind.

Gaming routers are more advanced versions of traditional routers. They are designed to improve streamline user management and performance.

They also provide the means to configure the local internet traffic, to make it more efficient. These gaming routers provide a lot of benefits for the user, such as superior connection speed and responsiveness.

They can also offer better graphics and audio fidelity to the gamer, as well as support multiple simultaneous users.

Despite the routers offering benefits to the gamer, there are still speculation on whether a gaming router makes a big difference to the gaming experience.

According to HP Inc, a gaming router makes a difference even if the user is not a gamer. The company argues that the quality of service (QoS) feature improves the user experience across the board, which offers a more intuitive and hands-on way to manage wireless fidelity (WiFi), traffic, and a household bandwidth.

However, some gamers argue that having a gaming router does not make any difference at all.

On a Reddit thread, one user stated, “Gaming branded routers are 100 percent marketing nonsense. It does not mean they are bad routers; they just have nothing to do with improving your gaming performance.”

Another user wrote, “A gaming router can have some benefits with managing/ prioritizing traffic over an internet service provider (ISP), but not all gaming routers are created equal. Even then, the benefits are rarely worth the cost – a lot of the time it’s all about marketing.”

There is still a lot of speculation on whether gaming routers really make a difference in one’s gaming experience or not.

However, a definite answer can not be given, as some believe it is a marketing scheme, while others claim that their gaming experience improved after changing to a gaming router.

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