Do cooling pads work for gaming laptops?

Reviews Garage recently conducted an experiment to see if cooling pads work for gaming laptops, and results show that the laptop’s temperature reduced by 10 degrees Celsius.

Gaming laptops are considered “big-ticket items” and can range from $700 to a few thousand dollars. However, these laptops tend to run at high temperatures and to combat this, most people buy cooling pads.

Cooling pads work by reducing the overall temperature of a gaming laptop’s central processing unit (CPU) by a significant degree, which enables the user to extract the maximum performance from their laptop.

There are multiple threads debating if cooling pads really do work for gaming laptops, or if it is just a money-making scheme.

Reviews Garage recently conducted an experiment to see if cooling pads really work for gaming laptops. The experiment consisted of two parts.

In the first part of the test, they wanted to see what the CPU and the graphics processing unit (GPU) temperatures appear to be without the use of a cooling pad at no load, versus full load conditions.

Following the first part, Reviews Garage wanted to see to what extent these temperatures appear to change once they implement a cooling pad.

While the laptop was in an idle state, the CPU recorded an average of 59 degrees Celsius, while the GPU recorded an average of 57 degrees Celsius without the cooling pad.

Reviews Garage then ran a video game to determine the new temperatures of the system. The CPU recorded an average of 80 degrees Celsius, while the GPU recorded an average of 63 degrees Celsius.

They then repeated the same experiment, however, this time, they implemented a cooling pad.

The CPU temperature with the cooling pad, at idle, was approximately 48 degrees Celsius, while the CPU recorded a temperature of 72 degrees Celsius while a video game was running on the laptop.

After the cooling pad was implemented, they clearly saw that the temperature of the CPU was reduced by approximately 10 degrees Celsius.

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Reviews Garage then came to the conclusion that cooling pads offer gamers a quick way to boost their laptop’s performance, by lowering the temperature.

In addition to the experiment showing that cooling pads work for gaming laptops, users have formulated their own opinions on cooling pads.

On a Reddit Forum, one fan wrote, “Cooling pads really work. They are supposed to help flow air to cool off your laptop, which prolongs your laptop’s lifespan.”

Another gamer stated, “Cooling pads are excellent. Firstly, they allow your laptop to breath (constantly getting fresh air, especially if intake vents are at the bottom) which in turn results in cooler insides.

Secondly, it allows you to adjust the height of your laptop to be at the same level of your head, which prevents you from hurting your neck.”

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