DnD 5e: Armor

There are various armor sets that your character can equip in DnD, however, it is crucial that you consider the Armor Proficiency before equipping a set.

In this traditional table-top role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), players can create their own character to play with, instead of a military formation. These characters embark on fictional adventures in a fantasy setting.

The Dungeon Master (DM) is the storyteller, and he maintains the setting in which the game takes place. The other players form a party, and they interact with the setting’s inhabitants and each other.

As you advance in the campaign, you have to solve dilemmas, explore areas, gather treasures, and engage in battles. In the process, your character can earn armor and weapons, which makes them more powerful.

What is the objective of armor?

Although armor is regarded as a simple feature by some, it is a vital component of the game. This is because it provides your character with Armor Class (AC). The higher the AC your character has, the more difficult it is for enemies to hit you.

If your character does not wear armor, your AC is 10 + your Dexterity modifier. Generally, that is the worst AC.

Wearing armor gives you the ability to increase that number to something more survivable. Without armor, enemies can deal damage to your character much easier, which can result in your defeat.

DnD 5e: Armor

There is nothing a DnD player likes less than their character being defeated. Fortunately, you can equip your character with armor to prevent this. Light, Medium, and Heavy DnD 5e Armor is the latest and greatest in fashion and survivability.

As stated before, armor determines your AC, but your Dexterity also has a role to play in keeping your AC high. Although your character can wear any armor, this is not advisable, because wearing the wrong armor causes a list of terrible effects, which makes it nearly impossible to play with.

If you want to wear a specific type of armor, you need to be proficient with it. Your class gives you proficiency with certain armor.

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If you wear armor that you lack proficiency with, you will have a disadvantage on any ability check, saving throw, or Attack roll that involves Dexterity or Strength and your character will not be able to cast spells. Therefore, you should wear armor that your class has proficiency with:

Armor Description
Heavy Players should note that only Fighters and Paladins have automatic proficiency in Heavy Armor. However, Cleric players that choose Life or Tempest domains at first level can also equip Heavy Armor
Medium There are several classes that can wear Light and Weapon Armor, but they do not have proficiency in Heavy Armor. These classes are Barbarian, Paladin, Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, Blood Hunter, and Artificer
Light Every class in DnD, except Wizard, Monk, and Warlock, starts with Light Armor Proficiency
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Ways to obtain Armor Proficiency

If your character’s class does not provide you with the Armor Proficiency that you want, there are a few methods to use to acquire it. Although feats are optional, most DMs use them while playing DnD.

When players get an Ability Score Increase from their class, they can choose to receive a feat instead. The Lightly Armored, Heavily Armored and Moderately Armored feats give you proficiency in Light, Heavy, and Medium Armor, respectively.

Each armor feat has the previous proficiency as a prerequisite. So, to obtain the Moderately Armored feat, you need the Light Armor Proficiency and the Heavily Armored feat requires Medium Armor Proficiency.

Alternatively, you can use the multiclassing feature to get additional Armor Proficiency.

Armor types

It is essential to note that each category of armor has several types of armor that your character can equip:

Armor Name Armor Class
Light Padded 11 + Dex modifier
Medium Scale mail 14+ Dex modifier
Heavy Chain mail 14
Light Leather 11 + Dex modifier
Medium Half plate 15 + Dex modifier
Heavy Splint 17
Light Studded leather 12 + Dex modifier
Medium Breastplate 14 + Dex modifier
Heavy Plate 18

Each of these items cost a specific quantity of gold pieces, which is the foundation of the default monetary system in the game. Moreover, some items have a stealth disadvantage, so you should consider the item’s disadvantages before equipping it.

What is the best armor in DnD?

Some armor pieces in DnD are considered better than others, as they can provide your character with better buffs and benefits. Some of the best armor pieces in the game are:

Armor name Description
Adamantine Plate This set treats all critical hits made against your player as normal attacks
Arrow catching shield Your character benefits from 2 additional AC when equipping the shield
Efreeti Chain Not only does this set provide your character with additional AC, but you will benefit from complete immunity to fire damage
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