Disney Speedstorm launches several milestone challenges ahead of release

Gameloft has launched 5 milestone challenges that players have to complete before the release of the mobile version of Disney Speedstorm.

Disney Speedstorm is an exciting kart racing game which contains a roster composed of characters from numerous Disney properties.

The game was released for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch in September 2024.

Shortly after the game’s worldwide release, its developers, Gameloft, revealed that players are able to pre-register for the mobile version of the game.

To celebrate the occasion, Gameloft launched a Community Challenge that will give players some fantastic in-game rewards.

Disney Speedstorm launches several milestone challenges ahead of release
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The developers have set a number of goals related to social media followers and mobile pre-registration, each of which corresponds to in-game rewards.

Once Disney Speedstorm reaches 15 000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, every player will get 10 Universal Box Credits as well as 5 Season Box Credits.

When 350 000 players have pre-registered for Disney Speedstorm, players will receive an exclusive “#SpeedStar” and a Mickey Mouse-inspired in-game avatar.

Once the 500 000 pre-registration milestone is reached, players will receive kart vanity items for Racers Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

However, once 1 million players have pre-registered for the game, you will receive some amazing racing suits for Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey Mouse.

In addition to these milestones, the developers also have a Twitter challenge which requires 30 000 Twitter followers.

When this milestone has been reached, players will earn 75 000 Season Coins, which they can use to purchase items from the in-game shop.

Although the pre-registration for the mobile version of the game began in September 2023, players are still able to pre-register for the game to complete the milestones and earn exciting rewards.

Keep in mind, however, that you will only be able to claim the rewards once the game officially launches and you will only have 30 days to claim the rewards.

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