Disney Mirrorverse: Alliance

Players can join or create an Alliance in Disney Mirrorverse to participate in exclusive activities, but they first have to complete a specific episode.

Disney Mirrorverse is a mobile game that was recently released. It invites players to collect their favourite Disney heroes and villains to fight enemies. The gameplay revolves around quests and battles as you navigate through a narrative storyline.

You can build teams that consist of Disney characters, which allows players to create various character combos to utilise the unique abilities of different characters.

The game has a variety of activities and occasional events that players can participate in. Some of these activities may be locked initially, but you can gain access to them when you meet the requirements to do so. One of the activities you can enjoy is the Alliance system, but you first have to progress in the main storyline.

What are the different gaming modes?

Currently, you can unlock 5 gaming modes in the Mirrorverse, each of which has its own objective and rewards. Each mode can be described as follows:

Mode Description
Story This mode allows players to travel to the Mirrorverse to defeat enemies. It has different stages, and you have to complete a stage before you can move on to the next one.
Event In-game events are only available for a limited time and players can earn rare and significant rewards for completing specific tasks
Supply This mode allows you to collect melee experience points to enhance your melee characters. Keep in mind that you have to fight against the Fractured to get the rewards.
Tower The Tower consists of a range of levels that increase in difficulty.
Dungeons Players can delve into the Mirrorverse’s darkest dungeons to collect valuable artifacts.

Disney Mirrorverse: Alliance

In most multilayer online video games, Alliances allow like-minded players to gather, participate in Alliance-exclusive activities, hunt achievements, and make lifelong connections. The Alliances in Disney Mirrorverse are no different.

An Alliance refers to a group of individual gamers that have come together for a common goal or purpose, thus forming a community in the game.

Although there are several Alliances in the game, players can only be a member of 1. To join an Alliance, you have to complete chapter 2, episode 6 of the main storyline. As soon as you unlock the guild system, you can discover the available Alliances in your server.

Disney Mirrorverse: Alliance
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It is important to note that you have to apply to be part of an Alliance. Once you are part of a guild, you will get first-time rewards that include orbs and a radiant crystal. Players can also meet new friends and participate in Alliance rewards. Furthermore, you can benefit from the Alliance’s team support.

Discord Alliance recruitment

If you are struggling to find an in-game Alliance, you can post in the Disney Mirrorverse’ official Discord that you are searching for an Alliance. Alternatively, you can view advertisements of Alliances in the corresponding Discord channel before you apply to become a member.

Players should note that they need to have a Discord account and join the game’s official Discord server before they can access the Alliance Recruitment channel. It is advised that you only post Alliance-related questions or information in this channel, as there are other channels that may be related to your question or advice.

How to join an Alliance

Once you have gained access to the Alliance feature, you can apply to become a member of a guild. To do this, select the “Alliance” tab in the game’s main menu, then you can find an Alliance or create a new Alliance.

By selecting the “Search” option on the left side of the menu, you will discover a list of the available Alliances. Some guilds are bound to a specific country or language, so it is recommended that you find an Alliance that uses your preferred language.

Alternatively, you can select the “Create” tab and fill in the necessary information to create your own guild, but this option is not recommended for new players, as managing a guild takes a lot of effort and time.

If you have found an Alliance through the Discord server, you can enter the name of the guild in the search bar to find and join it.

Creating an Alliance

As previously mentioned, players can create their own Alliance. But you cannot be a member of another guild while being the leader of your own guild. Moreover, guild leaders must be active players and have some knowledge about the game to be able help the guild members.

To create a guild, you must enter a name and an Alliance tag. Then you have to select the type of guild you want it to be. Bear in mind that creating a guild costs approximately 25 Orbs, which is a premium in-game currency.

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