Disney Mirrorverse: Activity Points

In Disney Mirrorverse, you can complete daily objectives to accumulate Activity Points, and once you have acquired enough, you will get great rewards.

Players are invited to collect their favourite Disney characters in this newly-released mobile game, Disney Mirrorverse. The game focuses on quests and battles and you can navigate through an interesting storyline.

You can create team formations that comprise various characters, as this allows for different ability combinations.

Disney Mirrorverse consists of various activities, gaming modes, and occasional events for gamers to enjoy. However, some activities may initially be locked when you start playing the game, and you will gain access to them once you have met the specific requirements to do so.

In addition to the main questline, players can complete daily quests, acquire Activity Points, collect heroes and partake in various gaming modes.

What gaming modes can you enjoy?

Currently, there are 5 gaming modes in Disney Mirrorverse, and each mode has unique objectives and rewards. You can access the main questline by entering the story mode, which allows players to battle enemies while following the game’s story.

The Supply Runs consist of 3 categories, namely, Steller Training, Gem Gathering, and Gold Mining. While the Events mode allows you to earn prizes by helping out certain Disney heroes, you should keep in mind that it is a limited time occurrence.

Moreover, you can collect artifacts, which you can use on your characters, in the Dungeon mode. You can also procure the Tower’s lost knowledge by collecting Talent Books.

Disney Mirrorverse: Activity Points

In addition to the gaming modes, players can complete certain objectives, which are divided into a few different categories: Daily, Journey, Achievement, and Special. As the name suggests, Daily objectives have to be completed within a day as they reset daily.

Disney Mirrorverse: Activity Points
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Journey, Achievement, and Special objectives do not reset. Instead, these objectives are replaced with new objectives as soon as you complete them. Once you have completed any objective, you will receive certain rewards, all of which can be used in your gameplay.

The Daily objectives you receive can sometimes be repeated, but most of the time it is a new set of objectives. You could receive any of the following Daily objectives:

Daily Objective Reward
Earn 100 Activity Points ·   20 Orbs

·   150 Stellar Crystal Shards

·   1 Glowing Crystal

Complete 3 Story Encounters ·   5 Activity Points

·   100 Gold

Spend 20 Energy ·   10 Activity Points

·   A variety of experience motes

Earn 40 Activity Points ·   50 Tier 1 Diamond Shards
Complete 5 Event Encounters ·   5 Activity Points

·   100 Gold

As seen in the table, players can be rewarded Activity Points if they complete some Daily Tasks. Furthermore, you can earn additional rewards once you have acquired a certain number of Activity Points.

The goal is to accumulate enough Activity Points to receive the big reward, which is 20 Orbs, 150 Stellar Crystal Shards, and a Glowing Crystal.

Why you cannot obtain more than 90 Activity Points

Some players recently noticed that they cannot accumulate more than 90 Activity Points, which means that they are unable to get the great rewards mentioned above. The game’s developers, Kabam, announced that they are aware of the problem and are working on a solution.

Furthermore, it is alleged that players in the first progression bracket are missing certain objectives. While players in the middle progression bracket are getting objectives that are intended for the first bracket, instead of those intended for the middle bracket.

This may prevent some gamers from being able to earn the top prize that you get when you have 100 Activity Points.

Disney Mirrorverse: Activity Points
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Do Activity Points reset?

Since the Activity Point system forms part of the daily objectives, it will reset after 24 hours. This means that the points you accumulate in a day will not carry over to the following day, as the counter starts from scratch.

Players thus have to log into the game every day to acquire 100 Activity Points to receive the epic reward.

Activity Point rewards

As previously mentioned, you will receive 20 Orbs, 150 Stellar Crystal Shards and Glowing Crystal. Orbs, which are a premium in-game currency that players can use to purchase desirable items from the in-game shop.

Crystal Shards can be used to create a whole Crystal, which has a chance to summon a new character, and the Glowing Crystals guarantee players at least one character pull every day.

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