Dislyte: Zelmer

Dislyte has more than 30 distinct Espers that you can acquire, one of which is Zelmer, who is created based on Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war.

Players can enjoy turn-based battles in this urban, mythology-themed mobile game, Dislyte. The persistent world of the game was invaded by powerful enemies, so, in an attempt to defeat them, ordinary people transformed into god-like beings with unique powers. It is now your responsibility to fight alongside these heroes to restore peace to the world.

The game is set in a futuristic setting that offers players stylish content with incredibly-illustrated storylines of Espers, who are the heroes of the game. Espers have diverse personalities and appearances, as they are based on mythological gods from across the world, who also gave shape to their talents.

How to acquire Espers

Players receive a couple of free Espers as they complete the stages of the main campaign of the game. These free Espers are usually not powerful enough, and they have average statistics and skills.

Hence, it is advised that players head to the in-game gacha summoning system, known as the Echo system, for a chance to get better, stronger heroes.

Keep in mind that you first have to obtain specific items before you can partake in the summoning system. Players will get these items as they complete stages and reach achievements in the game.

Dislyte: Zelmer

Zelmer is a 24-year-old damage dealing Esper that you can summon. She identifies as a household bodyguard, and her character is voiced by Melba Sibrel King. She is created in the image of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war and destroyer of enemies of the sun god, Re.

Dislyte: Zelmer
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Her affiliation is a Wanderer and she forms part of the Wind class. This indicates that she is extremely strong against Flow enemies, but she has a disadvantage to Inferno enemies. This does not mean, though, that you should not use her in a team formation.

Zelmer’s Skills

 Zelmer has powerful skills that can do a lot of damage. The following table highlights her skills, and a description of each:

Skill Description

Beast attack

Zelmer will attack an enemy twice and each hit will deal damage equal to 60 percent of the attack. It also has a 35 percent chance of applying a defence down debuff for 2 turns.

Scarlet Tides

This skill deals damage equal to 25 percent of attack to an enemy. However, if the target is buffed, the attack will deal an additional 20 percent bonus damage per debuff.


Zelmer attacks 1 enemy 3 times, but each hit deals damage equal to 80 percent of the attack.

Players should take note that they need to improve Zelmer to deal the above-mentioned percentages of damage to enemies. Luckily, there are numerous ways that you can improve an Esper, however, some of these methods can be quite expensive.

Zelmer’s statistics

When you have summoned a new Esper, they are added to your collections and you can use them in a team to fight enemies. It is worth noting that they will start at level 1, which means that their skills and statistics are not very powerful. However, they become stronger and gain more statistics as they reach higher levels. Zelmer’s basic statistics are as follows:

Statistic Amount
Attack 1123
Defence 796
Speed 90
Health points 10 784

Which gear should Zelmer use?

While players do procure varying types of gear sets as they advance in the game, the best gear can be obtained by defeating the Ritual Miracle bosses. You can use any gear set on Zelmer, but certain sets increase her performance and abilities more than others do.

Some of the recommended sets for Zelmer are listed below.

Set Name Description
1 Wrath of Jupiter (4 pieces) Zelmer’s attack is increased by 30 percent when this set is equipped.
  Fiery Incandescence (2 pieces) Zelmer’s critical rate is increased by 20 percent.
2 Wraith of Jupiter (4 pieces) This set increases Zelmer’s attack by 30 percent.
  Sword Avatara (2 pieces) Zelmer has a 30 percent chance of using the basic ability to counterattack when she takes damage.

How to improve Zelmer

There are numerous methods with which players can improve their Espers. However, some of the methods can be quite expensive, so you should carefully consider which heroes you want to invest in. The following table outlines some of the methods you can use to improve Zelmer:

Method Description

Ability enhancement

Refers to the upgrading of a specific Esper’s abilities using Gold and Abilimons.


Relics are materials that can be engraved on Espers to increase their statistics. However, some can provide them with additional effects.


Players can use this method to increase an Esper’s base statistics, though it is quite expensive. You must obtain a duplicate copy of the hero you want to enhance, and then “feed” the copy to the original character.

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