Dislyte: Yalina (Mamitu)

Dislyte’s latest patch notes revealed that players will be able to collect a new 4-star Shimmer Esper, Yalina, who is based on Mamitu.

Dislyte released the patch notes for update 3.4.1 on Tuesday, 23 January 2024, and it introduced various new features to the game.

According to the patch notes, the update will introduce 3 new Espers that you can acquire and a variety of events that you can participate in to earn rich rewards.

One of the new Espers that you can procure is Yalina, who is based on the Mesopotamian goddess, Mamitu. It can therefore be said that Yalina’s appearance, abilities as well as personality were inspired by an Underworld goddess.

Dislyte: Yalina (Mamitu)
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Yalina is an area-of-effects Fighter which is capable of countering frequent healings and inflicting substantial damage.

Players should note that Yalina is a 4-star Shimmer Esper, which means that she does not counter other Elements and cannot be countered by the other Elements.

However, she has numerous abilities that you can use to defeat her opponents. The No Fear ability deals damage to an enemy based on her attack and inflicts a Buff Blocker.

However, if the enemy has a Promise Breaker, Yalina gains Attack Up and Critical Rate Up before attacking when ascended.

Her second ability, Pinky Promise is not an active ability, but it inflicts a stack of Promise Breaker on enemies whenever they receive healing.

If the Promise Breaker stacks exceed a specific quantity, the Esper performs a Pursuit Attack on all enemies with Dolly Destruction at the end of a turn.

Dolly Destruction, on the other hand, deals damage to all enemies based on Yalina’s attack. Every hit can apply the Bleed debuff, but it ignores some Defense based on the number of target’s Bleed stacks.

Yalina’s resonance

Resonance is the process of unlocking a new upgrade for a specific Esper. If you complete this process for Yalina, she will get the following upgrades:

Resonance level Upgrade
1 Dolly Destruction Final Damage is increased by 10%
2 When her health is below 50%, she deals an additional 12% damage
3 Base attack, defense and health points are increased by 15%
4 For every enemy that she kills, her critical damage increases by 12%. However, the maximum is 36%, and it is effective in subsequent rounds.
5 Base attack, defense and health points are increased by 20%
6 A new effect will unlock for the Pinky Promise Skill. When an Esper falls, Yalina dispels her debuffs and recovers health points. If the fallen Esper is afflicted with Pinky Promise, she transfers Promise Breaker to another enemy.

How to acquire Yalina

In order to celebrate the arrival of Yalina, Dislyte is hosting an in-game event, Inescapable Fate. You have to collaborate with Feng Xun and Li Ling to investigate a kidnapping case and unravel the mysteries of the future, as well as the truth.

Keep in mind that only players who have cleared Story 4-16 on easy mode will be able to take part in this event.

The event map consists of 3 chapters, which you have to complete to claim rewards. Players can also complete limited-time event missions to procure Fortune Sticks.

You can enjoy the Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Sonic Rift, Desolate Lands and story stages to procure Lucky Talismans. Players can exchange their Lucky Talismans for Yalina.

It is worth noting that this event will begin on Wednesday, 31 January 2024 and will conclude on Saturday, 17 February 2024.

Yalina’s recommended sets

Since Yalina is yet to be released in Dislyte, it is difficult to know which gear sets you have to equip her in order to enhance her abilities.

However, once she has been released and you have collected her, we recommend that you experiment with the different sets to figure out which sets boost her skills and which hinder her skills.

However, as more players collect Yalina, they will also be able to experiment with the different gear sets and give other players advice about her gear sets.

When will Yalina be released?

According to the patch notes, Dislyte will be taken offline for a few hours on Tuesday, 30 January 2024. We can therefore presume that Yalina will be available in the game once the update is complete, and the servers are online again.

Players level 5 and higher will receive 200 Nexus Crystals via the in-game mail once the update is complete. However if the update takes longer than planned, you will receive additional Nexus Crystals.

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