Dislyte: Xie Yuzhi

One of the Espers you can acquire in Dislyte is Xie Yuzhi, who can be used in the fight against Kronos as he features powerful dispelling abilities.

Players are invited to battle alongside incredibly powerful  heroes, otherwise referred to as Espers, in this modern, mythological mobile game, Dislyte.

The world, after it was invaded by powerful enemies, had to be defended by its inhabitants who became god-like beings to defeat the enemies. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to fight for restored peace and harmony in the world.

The game offers players the opportunity to experience exhilarating content where Espers have beautifully illustrated storylines. Though all the characters in the game are based on past mythological gods from across the world, the game is set in the near future.

What is the objective of having Espers?

Espers are essentially your characters. You can collect and use them in different aspects of the game. Espers are supposedly the key to progressing faster and more efficiently in the game. Thus, it can be said that the stronger your heroes are, the faster you can clear the game’s content.

That being said, new players should endeavour to improve their Espers as much as possible, as quickly as possible, because they will not be able to complete the story mode’s stages if their heroes are not strong enough.

Luckily, there are numerous methods you can use to improve your Espers, but some methods can be expensive.

Dislyte: Xie Yuzhi

There are more than 30 unique Espers you can procure in the game, one of which is Xie Yuzhi. Her characteristics, personality, skills, and appearance are based on the mythological god in whose image he is created, Death Guard Bai. This god also gave shape to Xie Yuzhi’s statistics.

Dislyte: Xie Yuzhi
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Xie Yuzhi is a 24-year-old hero that identifies as a Shadow Guard. He is part of the Wind Elemental Class, and her affiliation is the Shadow Decree.

Players should be aware that the Inferno class has an advantage over Wind, however, Wind is stronger than Flow. Hence, it can be said that Xie Yuzhi performs best against enemies with the Flow attribute, but he is quite weak in battle against Inferno foes.

All Espers in the game initially have basic statistics that are not exceptionally good. Luckily, these statistics can be improved through various methods, but the most common one is to gain experience points so that your heroes can reach higher levels.

The table below lists Xie Yuzhi’s base statistics:

Statistic Amount
Speed 99
Defence 1032
Attack 849
Health Points 12 999

It is noteworthy that every Esper has a level cap, meaning that their statistics no longer increase once they reach a certain level. Once you have reached this point with Xie Yuzhi, you may have to use alternative methods to upgrade her statistics.

You can commence with the Ascension process, however, you first have to procure specific items and materials, which may be quite costly. Players can also promote her, which not only improves her statistics, but it also increases her Star Value.

Xie Yuzhi’s skills

Xie Yuzhi is based on the mythological god, Death Guard Bai, who gave shape to all her talents, as mentioned above. Similarly to statistics, skills and talents improve when Xie Yuzhi reaches higher levels, or when he completes an improvement process.

Xie Yuzhi’s skills, and a description of each one, are listed below:

Skill Description

Heaven Awaits

This skill grants Xie Yuzhi increased speed for 2 turns, while allowing her to attack an enemy twice. Each hit deals damage equal to 120 percent of the attack. It also steals 10 percent of the enemy’s ability points.

Luck in Pairs

Xie Yuzhi attacks all enemies twice, each hit deals damage equal to 45 percent of the attack, with a 40 percent chance of inflicting a stun buff for 1 turn. If Xie Yuzhi is present, it deals 2 additional attacks with the same status effect applied.

Soul Dispel

Xie Yuzhi attacks an enemy once, which deals damage equal to 100 percent of attack, while it has a 40 percent chance of reducing their ability points by 10 percent. If Xie Yuzhi is present, it attacks 2 random enemies with the same status effect applied.

Xie Yuzhi’s gear

Most of the gear sets in the game can be acquired by defeating the Ritual Miracle bosses. But you first have to meet the specific requirements to unlock and gain access to them. Allegedly, you can equip Xie Yuzhi with any gear set, though some sets boost her performance more than others.

These are the recommended gear sets for Xie Yuzhi:

Set number Name Description
1 Wind Walker (4 pieces) It increases Xie Yuzhi’s speed by 25 percent.
  Sword Avatara (2 pieces) This set has a 25 percent chance of using the basic ability to counterattack upon taking damage.
2 Wind Walker (4 pieces) Xie Yuzhi’s speed is increased by 25 percent.
  Apollo’s Bow (2 pieces) It increases Xie Yuzhi’s accuracy by 25 percent.

Can Xie Yuzhi be used in a fight against Kronos?

Kronos is the first Ritual Miracle boss that players will encounter. While you can use any team of Espers against him, it is wise to choose Espers with specific abilities. This is because these abilities can apply debuffs on the boss while simultaneously dispelling him.

You should use the following Espers in a fight against Kronos:

  • Sander
  • Xie Chuyi
  • Xie Yuzhi
  • Ye Suhua
  • Chang Pu

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