Dislyte: Which mythology is Cang Ji from?

Cang Ji (Cang Jie) is a new character that players can acquire in Dislyte, and he is based on a character from a Chinese mythology.

Dislyte is a thrilling mobile game that allows gamers to immerse themselves in an urban, mythological world.

You can collect various heroes, which are known as Espers, to defeat powerful enemies. Lilith Games, Dislyte’s developer, occasionally introduces new Espers into the game for players to acquire.

They recently added Cang Ji, and many players are curious about which mythology he is from.

What is mythology?

A myth is a tale about the olden days, often featuring supernatural characters. Mythology is a an array of myths that are related to each other. Myths generally have heroes, gods, and creatures that are bigger or more fantastic than real life.

There are more than 20 mythologies across the world for you to discover. However, as you progress in Dislyte, you will come across different mythologies, because all the Espers in the game are based on a character in a mythology.

An Esper’s appearance, skills, and abilities are inspired by a specific character that features in a mythology.

Dislyte: Which mythology is Cang Ji from?

Cang Ji is a wandering archaeologist who  appears shy and anxious, but he has a keen judgment and a resolute heart. He is a close friend of Narmar’s, having helped him decipher the parchment scrolls of the Rhea legend in 2010.

Dislyte: Which mythology is Cang Ji from?
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On Monday, 30 January 2023, Dislyte announced on their official Twitter page that Cang Ji will be added to the game. Since their announcement, many players have wondered what mythology Cang Ji is based on.

Cang Jie is a legendary ancient Chinese figure who is said to have been an official historian of the Yellow Emperor and the inventor of characters.

According to the myth, he had four eyes, and when he invented characters, the deities and ghosts cried, and the sky rained millet.

He is perceived as a legend rather than a historical figure. However, he is not considered  the sole inventor of Chinese characters.

There are several versions of this legend. One claims that shortly after unifying China, the Yellow Emperor, dissatisfied with the rope knot tying method, charged Cang Jie with the task of creating characters for writing.

He then settled down on the bank of a river and devoted himself to the completion of the task at hand. However, he was unable to create a single character. One day, Cang Jie saw a phoenix flying in the sky above and it dropped an object into his lap.

The object turned out to be the hoof of a Pixiu. This inspired Cang Jie to capture the special characteristics of all things. He started creating characters based on the characters he found and had compiled a long list of characters.

What are Cang Ji’s abilities?

Dislyte usually reveals a new Esper’s abilities through patch notes, which discuss the game’s update. Unfortunately, Dislyte has not published the latest patch notes yet, which means that Cang Ji’s abilities and skills are still unknown.

However, players should keep an eye on the official Dislyte website as all official information is posted on the site. Allegedly, the patch notes featuring Cang Ji’s abilities will be posted on Wednesday, 1 February 2023.

What should you use Cang Ji for?

According to player theories, Cang Ji should be used in the Apep gaming mode. Apep is the best place to farm the Hades, Abiding Panacea, Ocean Waves, Apollo’s Bow, Stoneveins, and Fiery Incandescence relics.

Apep is a Ritual Miracle Boss that focuses on dealing consistent damage to your team with poison debuffs. He also has the ability to detonate the debuffs with his passive when he takes too much damage.

To defeat Apep, players have to utilise the immunity buff or cleanse the Poison stacks while dealing damage. If you follow this strategy, you can reduce the number of times that he applies a poison debuff on your Espers.

How to acquire Cang Ji

Since Dislyte is a gacha game, you have to participate in the in-game summoning system called Echo to acquire characters. To participate in this feature, you have to collect Gold Records and Nexus Crystals.

Echo often has in-game events to celebrate a new Esper. During the event, the new Esper’s drop rate increases, which means that you have a bigger chance of summoning that Esper. It is alleged that there will be an event to celebrate Cang Ji.

Players can perform a summoning during the event for a chance at procuring Cang Ji. However, you may have to roll several times before you get him. Fortunately, you can obtain items and other Espers while attempting to acquire Cang Ji.

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