Dislyte: What is Archibald’s Wish?

During Mavis’ Bemusement Park event in Dislyte, you have to follow the story to determine what Archibald’s wish is to earn rewards.

Players can fight alongside mythological characters called Espers in this exciting video game, Dislyte.

Every Esper was inspired by a mythological god, which means that their appearance, skills, characteristics and personalities are based on a specific mythological god.

What is Archibald’s Wish?

Patch 3.3.4 was released on Tuesday, 10 October 2023 and it introduced various new Espers, content and new events that you can enjoy.

One of the Espers that players can now summon is Archibald, who is a 5-star Wind Fighter with access to multi-stage AoE attacks.

The update also released Mavis, who is based on the mythological god, Mictecacihuatl. To celebrate the arrival of Mavis, players can enjoy a limited-time event, Bemusement Park.

During this event, you can learn about Mavis’ history and encounter other Espers, including Archibald.

As you progress through the event, you will have to fight enemies with Mavis in your team. This allows you to experience Mavis’ skills and abilities even though she is not in your collection.

In addition to fighting enemies, you will have to answer pop quizzes to earn rewards.

One of the questions that you have to answer is, ‘What is Archibald’s Wish?”. If you skipped through the chapters, you would not know the answer to the question as it is revealed throughout the chapters.

To answer this question, you have to select one of 3 answers. Your options are:

  1. Have a real audience
  2. Conquer the World
  3. Become a ghost star
Dislyte: What is Archibald’s Wish?
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Even if you choose the incorrect answer, you will still earn rewards, however, we recommend that you pay attention to the storyline so that you will be able to select the correct answer.

The correct answer to the question, ‘What is Archibald’s Wish?” is A) Have a real audience.

Additional pop quizzes

Bemusement Park consists of numerous story chapters and fights, but you will only receive 1 additional pop quiz that you have to answer as you progress through the event.

Similarly to Archibald’s pop quiz, Mavis’ pop quiz’s answer can be found by following the storyline. The following table lists Mavis’ pop quiz and the possible answers:

Question Possible answers Correct answer
What is Mavis’ unique ability?
  • A) Stealth
  • B) Talk to ghosts
  • C) Mind control
To answer this question correctly, players must select option B) Talk to ghosts


As previously explained, you will receive rewards even if you selected the wrong answer for Archibald’s pop quiz. If you answer the question incorrectly, players will receive Inferno Record Fragments.

You can combine 20 of these fragments to obtain an Inferno Record, which you can use to summon an Inferno-attuned Esper from the in-game gacha system, Echo.

However, if you select the correct answer, you will receive an Inferno Record, which can be used to obtain an Inferno-attuned Esper.

We therefore recommend that you select the correct answer as you will be able to use the Inferno Record instantly instead of waiting to collect 20 Fragments.

How to acquire Archibald

Although you will be able to experience Archibald’s abilities during the limited-time event, this does not mean that he will automatically be added to your Esper collection.

This means that you still have to use Echo to summon him before you can use him in your team. To summon Archibald, you have to open Echo and select the “Event 2” category.

Players have to spend 100 Wish Stones in the Event Pool to get the current event’s limited Espers, but the chance that you will get the event Espers is 100 percent.

You can procure Wish Stones by summoning Epic and Legendary Espers from the Gold Record player.

Dislyte players should remember that Archibald is only available for a limited time, therefore, we recommend that you acquire him as soon as possible.

Should you rather summon Mavis or Archibald?

Similarly to Archibald, Mavis can be summoned via Wish Stones in the  “Event 1” tab of the Echo menu.

Since it is quite difficult to acquire 200 Wish Stones to summon both Archibald and Mavis, several players have wondered whether they should summon Mavis or Archibald.

Several Dislyte players explained on the official Discord channel that they summoned Mavis instead of Archibald, as her skill set is better. Mavis’ abilities are as follows:

Skill Description
Spirit Strike Attacks 1 enemy to deal 100 percent damage of her attack stat.
Undertaker Grants all allies critical rate up for 1 turn at the start of Mavis’ turn. When teammates take lethal damage, this passive skill prevents them from dying and grants them Graveless. When teammates deal a critical hit, they gain a stack of Carnival Heat.
All Souls Party Attacks all enemies to deal 100 percent damage of her attack stat. It also inflicts Sear and Speed Down for 2 turns.

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