Dislyte: Warm Winter

One of the limited-time events that Dislyte players can enjoy is Warm Winter, which consists of various sub-events.

Players can immerse themselves in this urban, mythological mobile game, Dislyte. In addition to collecting Espers and completing missions, you can participate in limited-time events.

You have to complete objectives during the event to earn rewards. One of the events you can currently enjoy is Warm Winter.

Dislyte: Warm Winter

Warm Winter is an exciting limited-time event with various sub-events. This event is active for approximately 17 days, but Dislyte players only have 5 days left before the event concludes. Various event modes are available within the first 2 weeks of the event.

For the last 3 days of the event, all activities and game modes are closed, but players can still redeem their rewards from the event shop. This event has 4 chapters, namely A Departure, Interlude, Surging Tides and Finale.

Players can enjoy the event story on the event map as well as map events to earn rewards. By advancing in this event, you can earn Epic Abilimon Fragments, Advanced Divine Wave Opt-Packs and Nexus Crystals.

If you participate in this event, you will gain access to a limited-time event store which invites gamers to purchase unique items in exchange for special currencies.

Dislyte: Warm Winter
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Event Shops

You can purchase items from the Hall of Departure and Eternal Shore event stores.

The Hall of Departure invites players to redeem Dream Valerian for a limited reward, Epic Esper Adrina, up to 7 times. Thus, you can use this opportunity to collect a max-resonated Adrina.

Eternal Shore, on the other hand, allows players to redeem their Memory Shells for generous rewards, including Legendary Abilimon, Shimmer Records and Gold Records.

Dream Valerian can be obtained by completing limited-time event missions, while Memory Shells can be earned by clearing the Ritual Miracle, Sonic Rift, Sonic Ritual, Desolate Lands and Story Stages in the event.

Final Psalm (Mission)

One of the sub-events that you can enjoy is Final Psalm, which gives you the opportunity to procure the Epic Esper, Adrina. Keep in mind that you have to complete several missions to procure Dream Valerian.

In order to collect Adrina, you need approximately 3500 Dream Valerian. Players should note that the Dream Valerian provided by missions will be slightly more than what is required for redeeming Adrina 7 times.

You can complete your missions selectively, based on your strengths and preferences.

Terminal Danger (Trial)

Dislyte players can join forces with the 5-star Flow Esper, Hilda, to push their limits to the test. You have to reach the required Player Rating tiers to earn abundant rewards.

These rewards include but are not limited to Gold Records, Elemental Records and Shimmer Records.

In addition to Player Ratings, you may also come across the Division Rankings and the World Rankings.

The top players in their divisions will be rewarded with Legendary Abilimon, Gold Records and Nexus Crystals, among other things.

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