Dislyte: Uncertain Fate

During Dislyte’s Chaos Realm activity, you may have to complete the Uncertain Fate stages to earn rich rewards.

Dislyte is an exciting mobile game that invites players to fight terrifying enemies alongside mythological characters in turn-based battles.

To advance in the game, you have to summon Espers, complete story chapters, improve your characters and participate in numerous game modes.

Uncertain Fate

One of these game modes is the Chaos Realm, however, only players who have completed chapter 12-16 on Hard mode can unlock this activity.

The Chaos Realm is home to different challenges and stages, and this changes after each update.

Players should remember that every stage follows their one set of battle rules, and the difficulty of the stages will increase as the level increases.

One of the stages that players were able to complete in the Chaos Realm activity was Uncertain Fate.

Before beginning with Uncertain Fate, players can view the rewards they will receive if they successfully complete the level the first time attempting the level.

Furthermore, you can select the difficulty, but you need to complete the first difficulty level before moving on to the second.

Players will then be able to select the Espers that they want to fight the enemy. At the top of the team selection menu, you can find the rules of the stage.

In June 2023, one of the Uncertain Fate rules that you had to remember is that when the Fatum Sisters attack, they will inflict Taunt on their target for 1 turn.

In addition to the basic rules, the hard mode of the Uncertain Fate stage unlocks more rules that you have to be aware of. For instance, the Fatum Sisters’ counterattack chance increases drastically.

We recommend that you choose the Espers for the battle based on the stage’s rules to ensure that you complete the level the first time.

After selecting your Espers and the difficulty stage, you will enter the battlefield, where you have to participate in turn-based combat.


Although you can use any Esper team to complete the Uncertain Fate stage of the Chaos Realm activity, some Espers perform better than others.

Dislyte: Uncertain Fate
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That being said, some Espers can only be acquired by paying for them with real money. However, as a free-to-play player, you can still complete Uncertain Fate by using the following team:

Esper Description
Long Mian He sympathizes with the dragon Ao Bing’s mission to freeze the earth’s specimens in eternal ice.
Sander His ruthless ambition has made him a welcome receptacle for the dark god, Set’s powers.
Heng Yue Heng Yue gained celestial powers from the cold goddess of the moon, Chang’e.
Parmi With the power of Ninsun, she will give you endless sweet dreams.
Jiang Man Her divine connection to Meng Po was forged in the fires of pain and suffering.

Who should be the captain?

Before every battle, you will be able to select a captain for the team that you are taking onto the battlefield. If you are using the recommended free-to-play team, we strongly suggest that you select Long Mian as the captain of the team.

This is because his captain’s ability increases his teammates’ speed by 20 percent. Moreover, he has the following abilities:

Ability Description
Thorn of Frost Attacks an enemy 2 times to deal 50 percent damage. There is a 60 percent chance of that he will inflict  Speed Down debuff on the enemy.
Hoarfrost Attacks all enemies to deal 70 percent of his attack statistic in damage. This ability also has a 70 percent chance of reducing enemy AP by 30 percent.
Cold Touch Attacks all enemies for 100 percent of his attack stat. There is an 80 percent chance that he will inflict Speed Down for 2 turns and a Freeze debuff for 1 turn.

Alternative Espers

If you are yet to collect the recommended Espers, you can select other Espers to complete the Uncertain Fate stage of the Chaos Realm activity. Some of the alternative characters that you can use are:


Esper Description
Yun Chuan He is a guard from House Li with powers of Yang Jian.
Gaius Gaius is the legendary founder of the Esper Union and befittingly, he inherited Zeus’s powers.
Chloe Chloe is a sophisticated lady with divine powers granted by Medea.

When will Uncertain Fate return to Dislyte?

As previously explained, the Chaos Realm is home to a number of stages and challenges. Allegedly, the stages and challenges change every time the game is updated to ensure that the activity does not become monotonous.

Since Dislyte’s developers, Lilith Games, are yet to release a schedule for the Chaos Realms’ stages, it is impossible to determine when the next Uncertain Fate stage will return to Dislyte.

However, we recommend that you check on the activity after every update.

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