Dislyte: Su Jue

Dislyte’s latest update revealed that players can follow Su Jue in an upcoming event, however it has caused some confusion among players.

Dislyte is an explorative video game which invites gamers to begin their epic journey in a world that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

You have to build a squad of superhero Espers, who have gained powers from mythological gods to fight the monsters which are causing destruction.

Su Jue

The game’s developer, Lilith Games, regularly releases updates to introduce new Espers and content to the game and to make some adjustments to ensure that players have the best gaming experience.

The latest update, which was released on Tuesday, 31 October 2023, released Jin Qiu, a 5-star Wind Esper, as well as several new features and events.

One of these events, introduced by patch 3.3.5, is c, which will begin on Friday, 17 November 2023.

The event’s description revealed that the Chaos Miracle is displaying peculiar activity. Players can follow Narmer and Su Jue to uncover hidden secrets.

Since this announcement, Dislyte gamers have wondered who Su Jue is, as the announcement did not disclose much about the new character.

On the official Dislyte Discord channel, GoSushi believes that Su Jue is either a new Esper coming in the next patch, or yet another non-player character (NPC) confined to the never-released jail.

Another player mentioned that the thing with Narmer and Su Jue is the same event as Sienna and TX. This means that players may have to investigate the anomaly which indicates that there is not a lot of context.

Murky Q, however, hopes that there will be more dialogue options in the upcoming event than there were in the previous events.

Additional events

In addition to Ex-Invasion, update 3.3.5 also introduced these events:

Event Description
Cellblock Chaos During this event, players must complete 3 unique chapters to claim amazing rewards. You can also participate in several in-game activities to earn a special currency which can be used to claim prizes.
Golden City Challenge You have to use Gold Chips to engage in Pop Quizzes. There are 5 challenges, and each challenge lasts 2 days.
Celebration Collection You have to challenge the Virtual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Desolate Lands and Sonic Rifts to collect Bazaar Stamps for big prizes.
Graywater Bootleg Maret Players can spend Nexus Crystals to purchase Shimer Records, Gold Records, Reset Stones and other items in the limited-time market.


As explained, players can follow Su Jue and Narmer to uncover the Chaos Miracle’s secrets.

Unfortunately, only players who have completed story 4-16 on easy mode can enjoy this event. Gamers have to eliminate the countless Miramon who have escaped the Miracles.

During the event, players worldwide have to join forces in a collaborative effort to eliminate the threat. Every battle that you complete will contribute to resolving the crisis and rewards will be granted upon its resolution.

Daily dispatch times are limited, but the more Espers you dispatch in a single dispatch and the higher their Powers are, the greater the rewards that you will earn.

Players should note that power bonuses vary daily, which means that you have to select the most suitable Esper to gain higher Power.

This event will remain active for 12 days, so you have until Wednesday, 29 November 2023 to enjoy the event.

When will Su Jue be released in Dislyte?

Apart from seeing Su Jue in the Ex-Invasion event, Dislyte is yet to announce when (and whether), players will be able to see Su Jue in other activities.

Several Dislyte players have speculated that Su Jue will be released as an Esper in the near future, however, the game’s developer is yet to confirm whether this theory is correct or not.

If Lilith Games is planning to release Su Jue as an Esper, then it is likely that they will release the character with the next update.

Unfortunately, it is unknown when the next update will be. We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the official Dislyte website to keep up with Su Jue’s news.

Will Su Jue have any abilities?

At the time of writing, Dislyte players do not know whether or not Su Jue will be released as an Esper or as a non-player character.

It is therefore impossible to know if Su Jue will have any abilities like other Espers in the game.

However, if Su Jue is released as an NPC, he or she will not have any abilities and you will not be able to add the character to your Esper collection.

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