Dislyte: Strongstone

Dislyte players can now improve their Espers’ capabilities by upgrading their Rival Runes with Strongstones for the Beatbout mode.

Dislyte released patch 3.4.0 on Tuesday, 2 January 2024 and it introduced various new features for gamers to enjoy.

This update implemented the Beatbout system which features Strongstones a, Rival Rune system, a Hell Mode and several new Espers to the game.


According to YouTuber, Artiar – Dislyte, Beatbout is essentially a combination of the Knockout and Point War game modes. It follows the Point War system, however, it features a Full Auto Battle like the Knockout mode.

Dislyte: Strongstone
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Unlike with other modes in Dislyte, your Espers will not fight enemies with their usual equipment set, which means that your Espers will have a fixed set for the Beatbout mode, and you cannot change the set.

Dislyte players will therefore have the same equipment sets for all of their Espers while they are in the Beatbout mode.

However, these Rival Runes can be upgraded using Strongstones. When you have collected enough Strongstones, you can upgrade your Espers to increase their capabilities.

That being said, if you upgrade an Esper’s Rival Runes, you will be upgrading the entire set instead of  each rune individually.

How to acquire Strongstones

In order to obtain Strongstones, players must progress through other game modes. You will earn Strongstones by fighting enemies in the Cube Miracle, Sentinel Hunt and through the S-Disassembler.

Once you have the Strongstones, you can head to the Rival Rune Level-Up menu and select the runes that you want to level up.

It is important to note that each of the mentioned game modes have unique objectives and it is believed that the number of Strongstones you earn will be determined by how well you perform in the mode.

Upgrading Strongstones

On the Rival Rune menu, you will be able to remix and disassemble your Strongstones. Players can increase the quality of their Strongstones and by doing that, they will enhance the Strongstones’ capabilities.

This essentially means that your Espers will become more powerful in the Beatbout game mode.

However, you can also disassemble the Strongstones that you no longer use to procure additional Strongstones, which you can  use to enhance other Espers.

Who can enjoy the Beatbout mode?

Unfortunately, the Beatbout mode as well as the Rival Rune system are only available to specific Dislyte players. In order to get access to this new, exciting feature, you have to complete Story-Chapter 5-16.

Once you have completed this Story-Chapter, you will be able to access it via the billboard, which can be found on the right side of your screen.

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