Dislyte: Starimon

Players can upgrade their Espers in Dislyte by promoting them, but they will need Starimons to begin the process.

Players are invited to fight alongside heroes with amazing powers in this urban, mythological role-playing game, Dislyte.

In the game, the world is currently being ruled by numerous enemies and to fight these monsters, ordinary people become awakened, god-like beings. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to create a squad and defeat monsters.

Set in the near future with a stylish theme, the game features beautifully illustrated stories of heroes, otherwise known as Espers.

Their powers come from gods of worldwide mythologies, including Northern European, Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian gods. Espers take on diverse personalities and appearances, depending on who they received their power from.

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Can Espers be upgraded?

It is alleged that Espers are the key to progressing through the game faster. The stronger your heroes are, the faster you can clear higher-level content and advance to mid and endgame content. For this reason, it is recommended that players upgrade their heroes as soon as possible.

There are various methods by which to upgrade your heroes, such as increasing their level, going through the ascension progress, collecting relics, and by enhancing their abilities.

Additionally, you can promote them and guide them through the resonance procedure. All of these methods can be a bit confusing to understand, so new players should first focus on increasing their heroes’ levels before attempting the other methods.

Dislyte: Starimon

As previously mentioned, one of the ways to upgrade your heroes is through Promotion, which refers to increasing your Esper’s Star value, which not only increases their base statistics, but it also increases the level cap of that hero.

dislyte starimon
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When one of your Espers reaches their current maximum level, they are eligible to be promoted. However, this method can only be used when you can feed the similar grade and number Espers, or Starimons, respectively to the Star level.

This means that a 3-star level 30 Esper requires 3 3-star Espers or Starimons to be promoted to 4-stars.

Therefore, Starimons are used to promote your heroes, but players should note that they are much easier to level up due to the passive skill, Energy Acquisition. This skill enables them to consume 20 percent less experience when leveling up.

You can acquire Starimons from various shops, including the Cube Shop, Club Shop, friendship shop, tournament shop, and the e-shop. Furthermore, you can acquire them by completing quests, bounties, and missions. Players can also get Starimons as a story reward.

Have Starimons’ passive skill been removed?

Players have noticed that their Starimons do not level up as fast as they did in the past. This is because the game’s developers removed their passive skill, Energy Acquisition, through one of the game’s patches. This has caused a lot of frustration, since gamers used Starimons to promote their Espers.

dislyte promote lewis
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It is now recommended that players evolve their maxed Starimons to the next tier and then use them as ‘fodders,’ while you can safely use your other Starimons as ‘fodders’ as you cannot bring them to stages.

It is unclear why the game’s developers removed Starimons’ passive skill.

Are Starimons useless?

Since the game’s developers removed Starimons’ Energy Acquisition skill, many players believe that they do not have much use in the game anymore. Some have claimed that they would rather use the uncommon cannon fodder, which is obtainable through the silver records.

However, allegedly, Starimons and the uncommon cannon fodder are, essentially, the same thing. The only difference is that Starimons can be obtained at a higher rarity, while silver records only drop 2 or 3-stars.

Players who want more stars should rather use Starimons instead of the uncommon cannon fodder.

Alternative methods to upgrade your Espers

There are various methods with which to increase your Espers’ statistics, abilities, and strengths. The following table highlights some of the methods with a description of each:

Method Description


It increases your Espers’ base statistics, but it also enhances certain abilities of every Esper. This action requires specific materials.

Ability Enhancement

This method refers to upgrading the abilities of an Esper by using Gold and Abilimons.


Relics can be engraved on Espers to improve their statistics and to provide them with additional effects.
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Final thoughts

Dislyte invites players to fight alongside heroes with amazing superpowers in a world currently being ruled by enemies.

The heroes were once ordinary people, who were transformed into awakened, god-like beings who received their powers from gods from worldwide mythologies.

There are various methods by which to increase your heroes, known as Espers. One of the methods is Promotion, which means increasing the Star value of your Esper, which not only increases their base statistics, but it also increases the level cap of that hero.

Keep in mind that you first need to procure a Starimon to complete the Promotion process.

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