Dislyte: Sieg

Dislyte has numerous enemies for you to fight, and it is alleged that Sieg is one of the most difficult bosses to defeat.

You are invited to partake in turn-based battles in this modern, mythology-themed mobile game, Dislyte.

Unfortunately, the world was invaded by various enemy races, so to defeat them, the inhabitants transformed into divine beings with unique talents. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to fight alongside these heroes to restore harmony to the world.

Though the game is set in a futuristic setting, the heroes, also known as Espers, are created as precise depictions of past mythological gods worldwide.

The game offers incredible content with brilliantly illustrated storylines of Espers, who enable you to enjoy an array of gaming modes and in-game activities. Players should keep in mind that some activities will initially be locked.

What activities can players enjoy?

The game offers various activities and features that you can participate in. It is alleged that these activities keep players interested and engaged in the game.

Players can join the trials, which are made up of numerous activities, including the Ritual Miracle, Cube Miracle, Infinite Miracle, Sonic Miracle, and the Ripple Dimension.

Each of these trials serve a specific objective in the game. For example, you can defeat the bosses in the Ritual Miracle to procure relics, and you can farm Waves in the Sonic Miracle. Furthermore, you can advance in the game by completing stages and moving up in levels in the game’s main campaign.

Players can also enjoy the player-versus-player gaming mode in the Arena, where they have to defeat other players’ Espers.

Dislyte: Sieg

Most of the activities and features are locked when you start playing the game. However, you can unlock and gain access to the activities once you meet the requirements to do so.

Although additional activities may be very fun, it is recommended that you first focus on advancing in the main campaign of the game before participating in others. The story has many chapters, each of which feature different stages.

You must successfully clear a stage before you can move on to the next. At the end of a chapter, you have to defeat a powerful boss before you can move on to the following chapter.

The game currently consists of various chapters that you have to complete, but you should bear in mind that the content’s difficulty increases as the chapters increase. One of the most difficult bosses you have to defeat is the final boss in chapter 12.

Dislyte: Sieg
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Siegfried, often referred to as Sieg, is a level 61 boss that possesses amazing statistics and extremely powerful skills. Sieg’s statistics are:

Statistic Amount
Attack 1081
Health points 14 650
Defence 1081
Speed 100
Critical rate 30 percent
Critical damage 115 percent
Accuracy 50 percent
Resist 20 percent

It is clear that players need a powerful team with incredibly strong Espers for a chance at successfully defeating Sieg and to receive the rewards. Luckily, there are numerous Espers you can use in the fight against him.

Team composition

Supposedly, some heroes perform better than others in the battle, though you can use almost any Esper in the fight against Sieg. This is because you need specific skills to defeat the boss. Some of the Espers you can use in a team against Sieg are as follows:

Esper Description
Mona Mona is a powerful damage-dealing unit that performs best in larger groups. This is because she has a high chance of dealing critical damage to her enemies.
Gabrielle Gabrielle is one of the best Espers in the game, as she provides you with defence and attack buffs for her enemies. She also applies an immunity buff to her allies while disabling her foes.
Asenath Asenath is a fantastic Esper, as she can heal her allies, reduce damage, and increase ability points.
Ye Suhua Ye Suhua can enhance your squad with attack, defence, invincibility, and recovery buffs. She can also heal a single target.
Donar Donar is a legendary hero who works best in a team with high damage-dealers and healers. He can apply various buffs to your heroes.

Sieg’s skills

Similarly to Espers, enemies also have powerful skills, which they can use on your heroes during battle. The following table lists Sieg’s skills and gives a description of each:

Skill Description


Sieg deals damage to an enemy while prolonging all debuffs by 1 turn.

Corrupting Vortex

The boss deals damage to all enemies and he will inflict a poison buff that lasts for 2 turns. This attack deals additional damage based on the amount of health lost by the target.


Sieg deals damage to an enemy while inflicting a defence down buff for 2 turns. It also reduces the target’s maximum health based on the amount of damage dealt.
Dislyte: Sieg
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What if the fight occurs automatically?

You have the option to fight any battle in the game manually or automatically. The manual mode allows players to select which skill they want to use on an enemy, while the automatic mode automatically decides which skills the heroes use when it is their turn.

It is advised that you fight Sieg manually, so that you can save your ability cooldowns for specific occasions.

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