Dislyte: Sea of Knowledge

During Dislyte’s Sea of Knowledge event, players have to defeat waves of opponents after choosing a variety of buffs.

Dislyte players can participate in limited-time events on a regular basis, but you have to complete specific objectives while the event is active to earn valuable rewards. One of the events that you can enjoy is Sea of Knowledge.

According to the event’s description, the same story can weave through countless divergent paths. The roadmap to the future unfolds through trials and experiences.

Players can dive into the Sea of Knowledge, face trials and work their way through to the real ending.

Dislyte: Sea of Knowledge
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When you start the event, you will be able to choose which path you want to take, but keep in mind that the different paths will provide you with different buffs.

If your Espers are not at maximum level, we recommend that you choose the Level and Ascension Up buff to increase their level temporarily.

However, if your Espers are at maximum level, we recommend that you select a buff which will increase your defense. The next buff you should choose is Rune of Assault, which increases a Flow-attuned ally’s attack by 25 percent.

If you do not see the Flow buff, it is advisable that you refresh the event by exiting and entering the menu. For the final buff, you can either select the Captain Resonance Up option or the Esper Projection buff.

Players who select the Esper Projections buff should choose Brewster to join the fight. After choosing your buffs, you will have to face the boss.

Recommended Espers

Although you can use any Espers in the Sea of Knowledge event, some Espers will perform better against the boss. We recommend that you use the following Espers:

Esper Equipment recommendation
Feng Xun (Captain)
  • Wind set
  • Holdfast
  • Wind set
  • Light set
  • Thunder set
  • Avatara set
  • War set
  • Fiery set
Jiang Man
  • Thunder set
  • Fiery set

It is crucial that you equip the recommended Espers with the correct equipment, as you want to enhance their abilities.

If you do not have these sets, you can either complete the corresponding activities to farm the sets or you can use alternative sets to enjoy the event.

Alternative Espers

There is a possibility that you may not have one of the recommended Espers. Fortunately, there are numerous Espers available in Dislyte, which means that you can easily replace one of the Espers mentioned above.

It is highly recommended that you do not replace Gaius, as he has amazing abilities, however, various gamers have used Leora for the event. According to Youtuber, Artiar, Leora will be too slow for the boss fight.

Dhalia, however, can be replaced with other AP Pusher Espers while Ashley can be replaced by an AoE damage-dealing Esper.

If you have an R2 Booster Esper, you can use him or her to replace Ashley. For Jiang Man, we recommend that you use Brewster as an alternative Esper.

Sea of Knowledge Battle

Sea of Knowledge essentially consists of various waves, each with a unique number of enemies to defeat.

For waves 1, 3, 5, 7,9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19, we recommend that you use the function AP push. However, for the other waves, players can use Dhalia’s AP Push to easily defeat the enemies.

It is worth noting that you have to formulate a strategy before you enter the battle. Players have to understand how every Esper’s abilities function to know when, and in which situation the skills should be used.

If you do not understand how your Espers’ abilities work, you may not be able to defeat the enemies, and this essentially means that you will receive little to no rewards.

Feng Xun

As mentioned in the table, you can use the recently released Esper, Feng Xun, to enjoy the Sea of Knowledge event.

Feng Xun is a 5-star Esper that can assist his allies with different buffs over time. He is able to enhance all his allies using his zone, which amplifies allies’ basic abilities.

Dislyte players had the opportunity to procure Feng Xun by participating in the limited-time event, which has since concluded.

If you missed the opportunity to collect Feng Xun, you may have to spend real money to add him to your Esper collection.

Similarly to other Espers in the game, Feng Xun has a range of abilities that will help you vanquish the enemies in the Sea of Knowledge event.

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