Dislyte: Sea and Song

During Dislyte’s Sea and Song event, you can participate in several game modes, but you have to complete Story 4-16 on Easy Mode to gain access to it.

Dislyte is an adventurous video game set in a mythology-themed world in which you can enjoy turn-based battles.

The game’s developer, Lilith Games, updates the game regularly to ensure that gamers have the best gaming experience. A recent update introduced a new event called Sea and Song, for you to enjoy.

Patch 3.3.2

Patch 3.2.2 was released on Tuesday, 29 August 2023, but it will only be implemented in Dislyte on Tuesday, 5 September 2023.

All players level 5 and higher will receive 200 Nexus Crystals through the in-game mail once the update is complete.

This event introduced many new Espers to Dislyte, including Nova, who is based on Muse, a mythological character, as well as Toland, who was inspired by the god of the Great Bear constellation, Tezcatlipoca.

The patch notes also revealed that players can look forward to various events, such as Sea and Song, Bruning Beat Celebration, Heron Box and Scratch-Off, among others.

Dislyte: Sea and Song

Sea and Song is a new limited-time event that players can enjoy in Dislyte. This event will only be available once patch 3.3.2 is implemented in the game.

This means that it will become active on Tuesday, 5 September 2023 and will conclude on Tuesday, 22 August 2023.

This event invites players to follow Li Guang to Bremis to investigate the mysteries of the Cube Miracle. Although it is an in-game event, you have to complete Story 4-16 on Easy Mode to get access to it.

Once the event becomes active, you will be able to explore a new event map. You can depart Estero Harbor and search for treasures to get rewards. Players can also complete event tasks to receive Silent Scores.

You can also clear stages in Virtual Miracles, Sonic Rifts, Desolate Lands, Sonic Miracles and Story Chapters to receive Colorful Pigment.

This new item can be exchanged for Bremis Packs. You can therefore acquire Inferno Packs, Wind Packs, Flow Packs, Legendary Abilimon, Shimmer Records and Gold Records.

By participating in the event trials, you can earn rewards which include Shimmer Records, Elemental Records and Gold Records when you reach the required Player Ratings.

That being said, Division Rankings and World Rankings also determine the rewards that you will receive. The top players in their divisions can earn Legendary Abilimon, Gold Records and Nexus Crystals.

To make the Trials easier to complete, the mechanics have been adjusted for this event. Players can select equipment presets. The manual controls are disabled during combat, and you can skip the combat process.

Dislyte: Sea and Song
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Further event details

Players should note that there are several event modes available in the first 2 weeks of the event. You can therefore participate in all event modes or only focus on 1 to receive rewards.

Keep in mind that for the final 3 days of the event, all event modes will be closed, but you will still be able to redeem rewards from the event shop.

If you have any unused Silent Scores and Colorful Pigments, they will be converted into Gold at a certain ratio and sent to you via the in-game mail when the event concludes.


To succeed in the Sea and Song event, players must complete trials. The trials are on the main screen of the game. You simply have to select the “Trials” option to open the trials menu. There are 3 main Trial categories .

There are 9 trials in Dislyte, but not all trials are part of the Sea and Song event. The following table lists all the trials in which you can participate:

Excursion Adventure Expedition
  • Expedition


Although you can use any team combination to participate in the Sea and Song event, some team combinations will perform better than others.

When building your team, you should consider the following guidelines:

Activity Team composition
Story mode
  • 2-3 Damage dealers
  • 2-3 Healers
Spatial Tower
  • 2 Damage deals that have AoE skills
  • 3 Healers or Supporters
  • 2 Damage dealers
  • 3 Healers or Supporters
  • Any Esper with control abilities
  • 2-3 Damage dealers
  • 2-3 Healers or supporters
  • Espers with dispelling skills and immunity buffs
  • 1-2 Damage dealers
  • 3-4 Healers or supporters
  • Espers with defense buffing and debuff cleansing
Cube Miracle
  • 2-3 Damage dealers
  • 2-3 Healers or supporters
  • Espers with a high amount of speed

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