Dislyte: Ren Si

You can procure several Espers in Dislyte, one of which is Ren Si, who is created in the image of the Chinese mythological god, Black Tortoise.

Players can fight alongside powerful heroes in this urban, mythology-themed mobile game, Dislyte. It contains a persistent world, but it was invaded by enemies, so in an attempt to defeat them, the citizens became divine beings. In these horrific times, players are responsible for restoring peace and harmony to the world.

The game takes place in a futuristic setting where you can enjoy stylish content with incredibly illustrated storylines of various Espers, who are essentially the heroes of the game. Every Esper is created based on a past mythological god that gave shape to their skills, personalities, appearances, and talents.

Why are Espers important?

Though Espers may seem like a simple feature to some players, they are an essential part of the game, because they are the key to progressing faster and more efficiently in the game. The stronger your heroes are, the faster you can clear higher-level content and advance to endgame features.

Espers enable you to enjoy the modes and activities the game offers, as you cannot partake in them if you do not have an Esper in your collection.

Luckily, you receive some free heroes in the early stages of the game that you can use to complete some of the story mode. You do, however, have to acquire additional Espers as the content becomes more difficult.

Dislyte: Ren Si

Ren Si is a 27-year-old defensive Esper whose skills can be used to create a massive, team-wide advantage, depending on each side’s respective defences.

Since he is created in the likeness of the Chinese mythological god, Black Tortoise, he desires nothing more than to protect his loved ones from danger.

Dislyte: Ren Si
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Ren Si identifies as a Bounty Hunter and his character is voiced by Roy Morris. He is an Inferno type Esper, meaning that he is stronger than Wind units, but weak against Flow Espers. Moreover, his affiliation is Wanderer.

Ren Si’s Skills

Ren Si has powerful abilities that can deal damage to enemies during a battle. The following table highlights his skills and describes each one:

Skill Description

True Warrior

Ren Si deals damage to all enemies equal to 50 percent of the attack, but it also has a 50 percent chance of inflicting a Taunt buff for 1 turn. If the enemy has a lower defence than Black Tortoise, then the chance of inflicting the debuff doubles. It has a cooldown of 4 turns.


Ren Si enters a Standoff state for 1 turn and clears the cooldown of True Warrior when suffering a fatal injury. When his defence is higher than a target, he deals damage equal to the percentage of how much higher the defence is than the target’s.


He deals damage to a target equal to 30 percent of an attack with a 70 percent chance of inflicting an attack down debuff for 2 turns.

Ren Si’s statistics

It is important to note that all Espers start at level 1 when they are added to your collection. This means that they are not very strong and do not have the best statistics.

All these factors can have a significant impact on your gameplay, so it is advised that you improve your Espers as quickly as possible.

Ren Si’ base statistics are as follows:

Statistic Amount
Attack 124
Defence 780
Speed 94
Health points 13 383

There are numerous methods you can use to improve Ren Si’s statistics, but it is advised that you first focus on gaining experience points, as this will increase his level. Alternatively, you can attempt the Ascension, Resonance, and Promotion processes.

Which relic sets should Ren Si use?

As you progress in the game, you will discover distinct types of relics, which are materials that can be engraved on Espers to increase their statistics. However, some relics can provide Espers with additional effects, depending on the set and the type of relic used.

It is advised that Ren Si use the following relic sets:

Set number Name Description
1 Neptunian Waves (4 pieces) It grants the wearer a 30 percent chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 turn after an ability is used.
  Stoneveins (2 pieces) It has the ability to increase the wearer’s defence by 20 percent.
2 Wind Walker (4 pieces) This set increases the wearer’s speed by 20 percent.
  Stoneveins (2 pieces) It increases the Esper’s defence by 20 percent.

How to acquire Ren Si

Players can acquire Ren Si by participating in the in-game gacha and summoning system called Echo. It allows you to summon different rarities of Espers using summoning currencies.

This system usually contains 3 banners, namely the beginner’s benefits banner, normal summoning, and rate-up summoning banner.

It is worth noting that the beginner’s benefits banner is only active for 10 days after you have started playing the game for the first time. This means that you should rather procure Ren Si from the other banners.

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