Dislyte: Prankster Espers

In Dislyte, Ethan, Triki, Li Ling, Tiye, Camille, Brewster, Ain, Ife, Hyde and Ginny are regarded as Prankster Espers and are required to progress in Menace Strike.

Dislyte is a futuristic mobile game that invites players to build a squad of Espers who received powers from mythological gods.

You can procure Espers via the in-game gacha system, Echo, and use them to defeat the monsters which are hell-bent on causing destruction.

Prankster Espers

In addition to collecting Espers and progressing through the storyline, you can enjoy in-game events. These events are limited-time activities which require that players complete unique objectives to earn rich rewards.

On Tuesday, 10 October 2023, Lilith Games, Dislyte’s developer, announced patch 3.3.4, which introduced many new exciting Espers and events to the game.

One of the events that the update introduced is Menace Strike, which began on Sunday, 29 October 2023.

Dislyte: Prankster Espers
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For this event, you have to deploy Prankster Espers in battle to collect Candies, which can be exchanged for All Hallow’s Eve gifts.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not reveal which Espers count as Prankster Espers, players are forced to figure out which Espers are considered Pranksters.

Fortunately, several gamers have shared their discoveries to ensure that other players can also earn Candies to claim rewards.

You should use Ethan, Triki, Li Ling, Tiye, Camille, Brewster, Ain, Ife, Hyde and Ginny on the battlefield to earn Candies.

Unfortunately, some players, especially early and mid-game players have yet to collect these Espers. If you have not collected these Espers, then you cannot participate in the event.

However, you can test your luck in Echo to acquire them, but there is no guarantee that you will get them in time for the event.


The announcement did not specify which activities players should deploy their Prankster Espers in to earn Candies.

We therefore speculate that you can choose any activity to use your Prankster Espers. Some of the activities that you can enjoy to earn Candies are outlined in the table below:

Activity Description
Story Chapters This is considered the easiest way to earn Candies. We recommend that you use Prankster Espers and complete 1-1, as you will likely defeat the opponents very quickly.
Sonic Rift This activity has 12 stages that you can complete. In addition to Candies, you can earn Experimons which can be used to upgrade the levels of your Espers.
Sonic Miracle It has 4 bosses, each of which corresponds to the different Elements within the game. Keep in mind that every boss is open on different days of the week, which can make it difficult to earn Candies.


As previously explained, you can use your Candies to claim All Hallow’s Eve rewards.

It is noteworthy that the Candies, as well as the rewards, will be removed from the game when the event concludes on Monday, 6 November 2023.

You should also note that every reward requires a different number of Candies before you can claim it. The table below lists the rewards that you can acquire:

Reward Required number of Candies
All Hallow’s Eve Frame 35 Candies
Gold Record 30 Candies
Abilimon 25 Candies
Gold Record 20 Candies
Gold 15 Candies

Should you summon the Prankster Espers?

There is a chance that you may not have the Prankster Espers in your collection, which means that you cannot participate in the event.

You can use your summoning materials in the in-game gacha system, Echo, to summon one of the Prankster Espers.

However, Echo allows gamers to summon all the Espers in Dislyte, which means that there is a big chance that you will not summon one of the Prankster Espers.

Although you will procure another Esper, it may be a waste of resources that you could have used for another event.

That being said, the event is nearly over, which means that you do not have a lot of time to get Candies and earn rewards, even if you do summon a Prankster Esper.

Will Menace Strike return to Dislyte?

The event’s official description reads, “All Hallow’s Eve is upon us and pranksters have started collecting candies to exchange for All Hallow’s Eve Gifts!”

It can therefore be said that Menace Strike is a Halloween event and players will only be able to enjoy the event over the Halloween period.

It is unknown whether or not Menace Strike will return to Dislyte in 2024 to celebrate Halloween, but Lilith Games may release a new event to celebrate the holiday next year.

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