Dislyte: Path of Experiences

Path of Experiences is a new activity in Dislyte that invites players to complete unique quests and challenges with their collected Espers.

Dislyte is an adventurous video game which is set in a mythological world.

You can collect Espers, which are based on mythological gods, to defeat several enemies. Additionally, you can enjoy various game modes to earn rewards.

Path of Experience

On Tuesday, 10 October 2023, Dislyte released the patch notes for update 3.3.4, which was implemented in the game on Tuesday, 17 October 2023.

This update not only introduced new Espers; Mavis and Archibald, but it also added new content to Dislyte.

Players can now enjoy a new activity called the Path of Experiences. To access this new activity, you have to open the main Esper Interface, where you will find a new icon on the left side of the screen.

You may notice that the Path of Experience activity is not available for several Espers, while others have a minimum requirement of level 43 to open.

For instance, Sienna’s Path of Experience is yet to be released, however, players level 43 and higher can complete Mona’s Path of Experience.

The Path of Experience activity requires that players complete growth and battle quests, however, these quests are unique to each Esper.

Completing a Path of Experience quest will earn you will rich rewards, including Gold Records and the Esper’s exclusive dynamic avatar.

When you have completed all the Path of Experience quests for a specific Esper, you will unlock another new feature – Emblems of Expertize.

Dislyte: Path of Experiences
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Espers with Path of Experience quests

The patch notes did not reveal which Espers have Path of Experience quests available, but fortunately, the admin of the official Dislyte Discord channel recently shared a list of which Espers have the new quests available.

The Espers with the Path of Experience quests available and the corresponding requirements are:

Espers with Path of Experience quests Requires
Asenath Laura
Bardon Hall
Brynn Berenice
Cang Pu Jiang Man
Drew Ollie
Helena Ashley
Heng Yue Emma
Lewis Bonnie
Li Ling Tang Xuan
Mona Jiang Man
Q David
Raven Chloe and Pritzker
Tang Xuan Lewis
Tiye Kaylee
Yun Chuan Li Ling

When will the other Espers have Path of Experience quests?

As seen in the table above, only 15 Espers currently have Path of Experience quests available.

At the time of writing, it is unknown when Lilith Games, Dislyte’s developer, will release the Path of Experience quests for the remaining Espers.

We therefore recommend that you keep a close eye on the official Dislyte website since all official announcements and patch notes are shared on the platform.

Emblems of Expertise

Unfortunately, you have to complete all the Path of Experiences quests for a specific Esper to unlock the Emblems of Expertise.

Keep in mind that unlocking Emblems of Expertise for 1 Esper does not mean that you will unlock the new activity for all the Espers in your collection.

This means that you have to complete all Espers’ Path of Experiences quests before you can unlock their Emblems of Expertise.

Initially, 3 Emblems of Expertise will be unlocked for some Espers to challenge. Every challenge has several tiers, and each one corresponds to a difficult growth of battle challenge.

If you complete a challenge, the Esper will receive an Emblem, which will be displayed on the Esper’s Emblem Wall. Other Dislyte players can then see which Emblems your Espers have collected.


Update 3.3.4 also introduced Swiftspace, which is essentially a social media network that allows Dislyte players to keep up with their Espers’ daily lives.

As long as you follow an Esper, you will automatically follow their Swiftspace account.

Even though Path of Experience requires level 43 to complete, you only need to be level 25 to gain access to Swiftspace.

As you gain Trust with an Esper, you will gradually be able to respond to their posts and view their private posts.

To increase the Trust with your Espers, you have to complete their Path of Experiences quests as well as earn Emblems of Expertise for them.

However, Trust will also increase when you complete the resonance process for an Esper.

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