Dislyte: Pass into Myth

Dislyte’s Pass into Myth event invites players to complete a series of puzzles to earn rewards, but keep in mind that the event has certain requirements.

In this mythology-themed video game, Dislyte, players can enjoy turn-based battles with numerous heroes.

In addition to participating in game modes and completing the main campaign, you can enjoy various events like Pass Into Myth.

Events in Dislyte

On Tuesday, 19 September 2023, Dislyte released patch 3.3.3, which introduced new in-game events to Dislyte. The following table lists some of the events that you can enjoy:

Event Description
Return, Dreaming During this event, players can follow Tevor and accept a new mission to explore Farrah’s mystery.
Golden Autumn You simply have to sign into Dislyte for 14 days consecutively to receive a new skin for Heng Yue (Chang’e).
Divinate Launch Gifts Players can log into the game and claim unique rewards via the in-game mail system. You will receive 1 mail per day for 7 days.

Dislyte: Pass into Myth

In addition to the above-mentioned events, Dislyte also revealed that players can enjoy Boomboom’s Treasure Kingdom, Pass into Myth, Endless Nightmare and several Limited Time Echo events.

Pass into Myth commenced on Tuesday, 26 September 2023, and it will conclude on Tuesday, 17 October 2023.

The game’s official description reveals that Ethan and Emma from the All-Trades Agency have been invited onto the Pass into Myth program.

Players can follow along as they head to an abandoned amusement park where they make astonishing discoveries.

As you advance in the event, you will encounter brand new puzzles and exploration gameplay which consists of 3 stages, namely, Strange Mists, Riddle Wall and Sly Shadow.

In the event stages, players can delve into the story, unlock challenges and collect rewards from chests scattered throughout the event.

The rewards include but are not limited to the Jack Rabbit Frame, Divinate Discs and Gold Records, among others. Keep in mind that there are certain requirements that have to be met before you can participate in the event though.

Only players who have cleared Story 4-16 on Easy Mode can enjoy the Pass into Myth event.

If you are yet to complete the campaign and you are interested in enjoying the event, we recommend that you complete the chapters as soon as possible as there are still several days of the event left to enjoy.

Dislyte: Pass into Myth
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Strange Mists

The first stage of the Pass into Myth event is Strange Mists, and players have to complete it to unlock the following stage.

The first puzzle in this stage is quite simple as you only have to stand on the glowing platform to let the pillar go down.

The pillars with 1 circle will remain down, however, the pillars with triangles will go up again when you step off the platform. You therefore have to use the given boxes and push them onto the platforms to keep the pillar down.

When you reach the pillar with 2 green circles, you have to place the box on the platform on the right, while you stand on the platform on the left to pass the obstacle.

The final puzzle consists of 3 pillars, one pillar with 2 circles, one with 2 triangles and one pillar with1 triangle.

You have to move the box on the right-hand side and place it on the platform behind the pillar with 1 purple triangle.

You then have to follow the same principle to complete the puzzle and open the chest.

Riddle Wall

The second stage of the Pass into Myth event is called Riddle Wall. This stage is very similar to the first, though players now have a new skill that they can use to move the block.

Just like the first stage, you have to use the box to activate some platforms, which will trigger the pillars to move down.

Players should note that there are treasure chests scattered throughout this stage, therefore you should ensure that you open them all.

Although the mechanics of the stage are quite easy to understand, it may take some time to figure out where all the boxes have to go to open the pillars.

Sly Shadow

To fully complete the event, players must successfully complete the Sly Shadow stage. However, you can now use Ethan to solve the puzzles.

According to some Dislyte players, this stage is extremely difficult and will put your that solving abilities to the test.

You should remember to use the ability which was previously used to move the box to move Ethan through the challenges. This means that you will essentially be playing with 2 characters instead of 1 to solve the puzzle.

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