Dislyte: Multi-battle

The multi-battle feature in Dislyte allows players to enjoy numerous battles simultaneously, but it is recommended that they do not use it in the Ripple Dimension.

In this urban, mythological mobile game, Dislyte, players can participate in turn-based battles against numerous enemies.

To help you in your mission to defeat the foes, ordinary inhabitants of this fictional world became god-like beings with various superpowers and abilities. In these dark times, it is up to you to defeat enemies and restore harmony in the world.

Even though the game takes place in a futuristic setting, the heroes, otherwise known as Espers, are transformed into the likeness of past mythological gods from across the world.

Players will experience stylish content with beautifully-illustrated storylines of Espers. You can participate in numerous gaming modes once you have procured enough heroes to create a full squad.

What are the different gaming modes?

In addition to the game’s main campaign, players can enjoy various additional gaming modes and activities. It is worth noting that you do not get access to the features initially, however, you can unlock them once you meet the requirements to do so.

Below, we take a look at some of the gaming modes:

Gaming mode Description

Infinite Miracle

A 100-floor abyss type of dungeon that players can progress in. The higher the level you  reach, the more difficult the content becomes; however, the rewards also get better.

Cube Miracle

You can enjoy 8 difficulties in this gaming mode. It allows players to fuse and form their relics, and to earn Cube Points, which can be used in the Cube shop.

Ritual Miracle

It contains 3 bosses, each with 10 stages of difficulty. It is allegedly the best way to procure relics and gold records.

Sonic Miracle

At a certain point in the game, you need Waves to progress further. Waves can be acquired by defeating the bosses in this gaming mode.

Ripple Dimension

Enables players to farm actual Espers.

Dislyte: Multi-battle

The game contains various features and aspects to help you progress, one of which is the multi-battle option. When players perform a multi-battle in either the Sonic Miracle, Ritual Miracle, or Practice Stages, they can hide the current battle and start another one.

Dislyte: Multi-battle
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That means that you can explore many different gaming modes simultaneously, though you need to activate this feature before participating in a battle. On the team formation menu, you will find a “Multi-battle” tab on the bottom of the screen.

A new menu will pop up after clicking on the tab. Here, you can adjust the multi-battle settings according to your liking.

Once you have activated the feature, you will see an additional settings tab while you are in battle. This tab enables you to minimise the battle, which means that you will be taken back to the main screen of the game.

Dislyte: Multi-battle
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Players can then participate in another gaming mode or activity while that battle is continuing in the background. To return to the original battle you started, you have to select the purple flame icon, located in the bottom left corner of the main menu.

It is worth noting that you can use the same Espers and team formation while using the multi-battle feature. However, players can also change their team formation if they wish to do so. This feature automatically deducts stamina as the battles continue.

Once the battles have concluded, you can view a summary of how the battles went. You can also view the rewards you received from the battles.

Can a multi-battle occur if the application is not active?

It is important to remember that a multi-battle concludes once a player exits or closes the application. Thus, it is recommended that you stay in the game for the duration of the multi-battle, otherwise you forfeit the battles and lose the rewards.

Are multi-battles more effective?

Many players claim that multi-battles are more effective than one-by-one battles, because your Espers gain a lot more experience by participating in more than one battle simultaneously.

Furthermore, you receive more rewards when you use the multi-battle feature. These rewards can have a great impact on your gameplay, as you can then use them to improve your Espers.

Can you discover Ripples when using the multi-battle feature?

Although you can use the multi-battle feature to discover Ripples in the Ripple Dimension, it is not recommended. This is because the chances are extremely low that you will procure a Ripple while using the multi-battle feature.

Instead, players should use the multi-battle feature for other elements of the game and give their full attention while in the Ripple Dimension.

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