Dislyte: Mirror Image

Mirror Image is one of the various stages in Dislyte’s Chaos Realm activity, and it features unique mechanics.

Dislyte is an exciting video game that invites gamers to procure mythological characters to defeat terrifying foes. In addition to following the main storyline, you can enjoy a variety of activities and in-game events.

One of the activities that you can participate in is Chaos Realm, which consists of different stages, including the Mirror Image stage.

To unlock this activity, you have to complete story mission 12-16 on hard mode. When you have cleared story 12-16, you can find the Chaos Realm in the Miracle Adventure.

Chaos Realm is going to harbor different areas, which change after every update. Every area consists of various stages that you have to complete to earn rewards.

That being said, each stage has a unique set of rules that must be followed if you want to complete it.

The Mirror Image stage

One of the areas, or stages, that you may have to complete as you progress through the Chaos Realm is Mirror Image. Unlike the other stages, the Mirror Image stage essentially copies the team that you use to complete the stage.

In other words, if you use Hilda to complete the Mirror Image stage, you are going to fight against Hilda as well.

However, when you challenge a Mirror team, they will not inherit the Equipment from your team.

Furthermore, enemies have a small amount of starting AP in Hard Mode. But in Purgatory mode, enemies have a large amount of starting AP.

Dislyte: Mirror Image
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Relic sets

As explained above, the Esper you select will be the Esper that you have to defeat in the Mirror Image stage.

However, the enemy Esper will not receive the equipment that your Esper is wearing. It is therefore essential that you equip your Esper with powerful relics.

Some of the best equipment sets are:

Equipment Set Description
Wind With a full set equipped, Espers will receive a 25 percent speed increase.
War If you equip a War set, your Esper’s attack will be increased by 30 percent
Avatara With this equipped, there is a 25 percent chance that your Espers will make a counterattack whenever they take damage.
Fiery This set increases the Esper’s critical rate by 20 percent when equipped.

Which Espers should you use for Mirror Image?

Players should remember that all Espers used in the Chaos Realm stage are going to be fully upgraded to their maximum potential and will receive some trial equipment.

This means that you do not need to use your most powerful Espers to complete the Mirror Image stages.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Several Dislyte players suggest that you use a weak Esper and retry the stage until you win.

Although this is a tempting way to complete the stages, another Dislyte player recommended that gamers use Freddy with War and Avatara sets, however, if you use this strategy, you should start with S2.

It can therefore be said that you do not need to use a full Esper team to complete the Mirror Image Stages.

In theory, the more Espers you use, the more difficult it will be to complete the stage, as you will essentially be fighting against the same Espers.

If you  only use 1 Esper, you only have to vanquish 1 enemy, who will not be equipped with the same gear as your Esper.

Will the Mirror Image stage be removed from Dislyte?

Since the Chaos Realm is ever-changing, there is a possibility that the Mirror Image stage will be removed from Dislyte.

Unfortunately, it is undetermined if and when it will be removed, but it has been announced that new areas in the realm will unlock over time.

The game’s developer, Lilith Games, may remove the Mirror Image stage to make room in the Chaos Realm for new challenges.

We therefore recommend that you complete the Mirror Image stage as quickly as possible to earn rewards before the stage is removed from the game.

Chaos Realm rewards

Dislyte players should remember that they will get rewards for every stage they complete in the Chaos Realm activity. This means that if you successfully complete a Mirror Image stage, you will receive a few rewards.

However, clearing each difficulty for the first time will reward you with a Chaos Star and when you have collected a certain number of Chaos Stars, you will be rewarded.

The rewards that you receive for completing a Mirror Image stage are purely a bonus as you will receive valuable rewards for collecting Chaos Stars.

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