Dislyte: Menace Strike

To be successful in Dislyte’s Menace Strike event, you need to use Prankster Espers to complete activities and earn candies.

Dislyte is an adventurous mobile game that invites players to fight alongside mythological heroes in turn-based battles.

To advance in the game, you have to complete story chapters, summon Espers and participate in numerous events to earn rare rewards.

Menace Strike

The game’s developer, Lilith Games, regularly hosts in-game events to give gamers the opportunity to complete unique tasks and earn wondrous rewards.

One of the events you can participate in is Menace Strike, which began on Sunday, 29 October 2023.

Players should note that all events are only active for a limited time, and you only have until Monday, 6 November 2023 to enjoy the Menace Strike event.

While the event is active, players have to deploy “Prankster” Espers in a battle to collect Candies.

You therefore have to use certain Espers to complete the story-chapters to earn rewards.

Unfortunately, Lilith Games did not reveal which Espers are “Pranksters”, which means that players were forced to figure out which Espers they have to use on their own.

Allegedly, you have to use Ethan, Triki, Li Ling, Tiye, Camille, Brewster, Ain ife, Hyde and Ginny to complete the story chapters to earn Candies. Once you have enough Candies, you can use them to purchase items.

According to the official event description, players can acquire All Hallow’s Eve Frames and Gold Records using their candies. Each reward requires a certain number of Candies to purchase.

Dislyte: Menace Strike
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To earn rewards during the Menace Strike event, you have to use certain Espers to complete story chapters to earn Candies, which can be exchanged for numerous rewards.

The rewards that you can earn are outlined in the table below:

Reward Required number of Candies Description
Gold 15 Candies This common currency is used for Esper training, equipment enhancement and other purchases
Gold Record 20 Candies This item can be used to summon a rare or higher Esper
Abilimon 25 Candies Players can use an Abilimon to level up an Esper’s abilities
Gold Record 30 Candies You can use this item in the gacha feature to summon an Esper
All Hallow’s Eve Frame 35 Candies You can apply this frame to their profile to customize your player profile

Which story-chapters should you complete?

As previously explained, you have to use certain Espers during the Menace Strike event to vanquish enemies and earn Candies.

On the official Dislyte Discord server, several players have shared their strategies on how to procure as many Candies as possible.

According to Dislyte player, Timbofurr, the cheapest way to do Menace Strike is to assign a Prankster Esper in a 1-1 story chapter on easy mode.

However, another player named Kay mentioned that gamers can assign 5 Pranksters on a team and complete 1 battle to earn many Candies.

We therefore recommend that you assign as many Prankster Espers as possible to a team and complete an easy story-chapter in order to get as many Candies as possible.

What to do if you do not have any Prankster Espers

Players need to use specific Espers in order to participate in the Menace Strike event.

However, some early-game and mid-game players may not have the Prankster Espers in their Esper collection, which means that they cannot enjoy the event.

If you do not have the Prankster Espers in your collection, you can try your luck in Echo to summon them.

However, there is a big chance that you will not get any of the Prankster Espers, which means that you also wasted some of your resources.

Since the event does not influence your progress in Dislyte, we recommend that you do not worry too much about participating in the event if you do not have the Prankster Espers.

Players can rather save their summoning materials for when a bigger event is active.

Prankster Esper not progressing the event

On the official Discord server, some Dislyte players have mentioned that even though they are using one of the Prankster Espers, they are not progressing in the event.

If this is happening to you, we recommend that you submit a ticket to the game’s developers to make them aware of the issue.

You can also try quitting the game entirely before completing a story chapter again with a Prankster Esper to see if that resets your progress.

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