Dislyte: Menace Strike Espers

There are only 9 Espers that Dislyte players can use to participate in the limited-time event, Menace Strike, in order to earn rewards.

Players can dive into the futuristic world of Dislyte, which is a game with a distinctive art style.

You have to build a squad of Espers, who have gained powers from mythological gods, and fight monsters in turn-based battles.

Players can explore the stories of various unique characters and unravel the mysteries which lie beneath.

Menace Strike Espers

The game’s developer, Lilith Games, released patch 3.3.4 on Tuesday, 10 October 2023 and not only did this update release new Espers, but it also released new events.

One of the events this update released is Menace Strike, which began on Sunday, 29 October 2023.

Dislyte: Menace Strike Espers
© Lilith Games

Players have until Monday, 6 November 2023 to participate in this event and earn rewards. During Menace Strike, you have to deploy ‘Prankster’ Espers in battle to collect Candies.

Once you have collected enough Candies, you can exchange them for All Hallow’s Eve gifts, which include Gold Records and unique frames.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not reveal which Espers are “Pranksters,” which has left players to figure that out on their own.

Since the event is only active for a limited time, it has been quite a frustrating journey to find out which Espers are Pranksters, as players want to earn as many candies as possible.

To be successful in the event, you need to use Ethan, Triki, Li Ling, Tiye, Camille, Brewster, Ain, ife, Hyde and Ginny to earn Candies.

It is possible that you may not have any of these Espers in your collection, especially if you are an early-game or mid-game player.

Prankster Espers

There are only 9 Espers you can use to earn Candies during the Menace Strike event. Each of these Espers have unique abilities, which will help you destroy enemies on the battlefield.

You can use some of these abilities to earn Candies:

Esper Abilities
Ethan Chaos Sound: Attacks 1 enemy to deal 120 percent damage of his attack stat. There is an 80 percent chance that he will inflict a 20 percent AP decrease
Triki Revolver: Attacks all enemies 3 times but each hit has an 80 percent chance of dispelling 1 buff from every enemy. Every hit also inflicts Miss Rate Up for 2 turns
Li Ling Tai Chi: Attacks 1 enemy 5 times to deal 40 percent damage of attack stat
Tiye Nightbringer: Attacks 1 enemy to deal 100 percent damage and steals 20 percent AP
Camille Double Claws: Attacks all enemies and inflicts Diseased for 2 turns
Brewster Fast and Furious: Attacks 1 enemy and inflicts Stun for 1 turn. Upon successful infliction, gains 2 Reload! Attack! stacks
Ife Tail Whip: Attacks 1 enemy and inflicts Poison for 2 turns
Ain Force Barrier: Gains Standoff for 2 turns and grants a Shield to teammates
Hyde Cerberus: Steals 1 buff from every enemy
Ginny Stir-Fry Heat: Attacks 1 enemy 5 times and each hit steals 1 buff
Dislyte: Menace Strike
© Lilith Games

What activity should you do?

The event’s description reveals that gamers must deploy the Prankster Espers in battle, however, it did not specify which activities you should complete to earn Candies.

Fortunately, you can participate in every battle Dislyte has to offer. This means that you can enjoy story-chapters as well as Trials to earn Candies.

That being said, we recommend that you simply complete story 1-1 with the Prankster Espers to progress in the event. If you only have 1 Prankster Esper in your collection, use that character to earn Candies.

However, if you can create a full team of Prankster Espers, we recommend that you do so to earn as many Candies as possible.


Once you have a few Candies, you can go to the Event Shop and exchange them for rich rewards. Players should note that every reward requires a certain number of Candies to acquire.

The following table lists some of the rewards you can acquire:

Reward Required number of Candies
All Hallow’s Eve Frame 35 Candies
Gold Record 30 Candies
Abilimon 25 Candies
Gold Record 20 Candies
Gold 15 Candies

As seen in the table, players can procure the All Hallow’s Eve Frame, which can be applied to your profile.

On the official Discord channel, Dislyte player iGloom, the frame will disappear once the event concludes, even if you purchased it with your Candies.

What to do if you do not have any Prankster Espers

Early game and mid-game players may not have any Prankster Espers in their collection, which means that regrettably, they cannot participate in the event.

If you do not have any of the 9 Prankster Espers in your collection, you can either try your luck at Echo to summon an Esper or you can skip the event entirely.

You will not lose any progress in Dislyte if you decide to not participate in the Menace Strike event.

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