Dislyte: Melanie

One of the Espers you can summon in Dislyte is Melanie, who is a powerful disabler created based on the Greek mythological god, Medusa.

Players are invited to immerse themselves in this urban, mythological world in Dislyte, a newly released mobile game . Regrettably, it was invaded by enemy races.

Fortunately, ordinary people became god-like beings to fight these foes. It is your responsibility to build squads of heroes to restore peace in the world.

The game is set in a futuristic landscape in which players can experience fantastic content with incredibly-illustrated storylines of Espers.

Espers are your heroes in the game, and every Esper takes on a unique appearance and personality, since they are based on a range of mythological gods worldwide.

What do you need to procure an Esper?

Players receive basic Espers for free as they advance in the game. If you want to acquire Espers with better skills and stronger statistics, you have to go to the in-game gacha summoning system. Players need certain items before they can participate in this feature.

The items you need to summon additional Espers can be described as follows:

Item Description

Platinum record

Players can use these records to summon either a 4-star or a 5-star Esper, though they can only be used through the Echo system, and not on banners.

Gold record

It can be used to summon any Esper on any banner. Gold records are generally easily obtainable.

Elemental class record

You can use these records to summon an Esper from a specific element. If you have a wind record, you can only summon a wind Esper.

Dislyte: Melanie

One of the Espers you can obtain in the game is Melanie, a 26-year-old woman who identifies as a Bartender. Her attribute is Shimmer, and she forms part of the Wanderer affiliation. Melanie is created based on the Greek mythological god, Medusa.

Dislyte: Melanie
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According to the legend, those who despise the vulnerable are forced to look into Medusa’s eyes. However, it is more than simply a myth. Medusa gave shape to Melanie’s appearance, skills, and personality.

Melanie’s Skills

On the battlefield, Melanie assumes the role of a powerful disabler, as she has the ability to petrify her enemies with ability point (AP) debuffs. In the table below we describe Melanie’s skills

Skill Description

Fatal Gaze

Melanie deals damage to an enemy equal to 120 percent of attack, with a 75 percent chance of transferring a debuff to the target.

Covenant of Punishment

Every attack Melanie deals reduces the enemy’s AP by 15 percent. However, if the target has less than 30 percent AP, she will inflict Petrification for 1 turn.

Queen of the Night

Melanie deals damage to all enemies equal to 100 percent of the attack, while reducing their AP by 25 percent.

In addition to these skills, Melanie also possesses a captain ability which enables her to increase her allies’ speed by 20 percent during the Point War. This ability only activates when she is slotted in the captain position of the team.

Can Melanie’s skills be upgraded?

Similarly to other Espers, Melanie receives experience points when she is used in a team to fight enemies.

When she has enough experience points, she will reach the next level, which can upgrade her skills. There are also other ways to improve her skills, but reaching new levels is the most common way.

The following table highlights her skills’ upgrades per level:

Skill Upgrade

Queen of the Night

·   Level 2: Chance to trigger increased to 70 percent

·   Level 3: Damage increased to 95 percent

·   Level 4: Chance to trigger increased to 80 per cent

·   Level 5: Damage increased to 100 percent

·   Level 6: Chance to trigger increased to 100 percent

Fatal Gaze

·   Level 2: Chance to trigger increased to 50 percent

·   Level 3: Damage increased to 110 percent

·   Level 4: Chance to trigger increased to 60 percent

·   Level 5: Damage increased to 120 percent

·   Level 6: Chance to trigger increased to 75 percent

 Melanie’s statistics

Espers initially only have base statistics, which can be improved as they reach new levels. However, there are some improvement levels that only focus on increasing a hero’s statistics. The following table indicates Melanie’s base statistics:

Statistic Amount
Speed 102
Defence 921
Health points 12 081
Attack 886

Which gear should Melanie use?

You receive various gear sets when you complete stages and participate in the game’s activities. Even though you can equip Melanie with any gear set you have, it is wise to farm specific gear that will boost her performance.

Melanie should use some of these gear sets:

Set Name Description
1 Wind Walker (4 pieces) It has the ability to increase Melanie’s speed by 25 percent.
  Apollo Bow (2 pieces) This set increases Melanie’s accuracy by 25 percent.
2 Wind Walker (4 pieces) It increases Melanie’s speed by 25 percent.
  Master Grove (2 piece) Melanie’s health points are increased by 25 percent.


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