Dislyte: Mei

Dislyte recently revealed that a new Esper known as Mei will be implemented in the game, however it is unknown when she will be available.

Dislyte is a thrilling video game that invites gamers to fight alongside mythological heroes in turn-based battles.

Before fighting off evil, you need to formulate a team of Espers. There are several Espers that you can procure, each with unique skills and abilities.


The game’s developers, Lilith Games, recently announced that a new Esper called Mei will be added to the game.

Dislyte posted on Twitter on Tuesday, 17 October 2023 that Mei, with the divine power of Kaya-no-hime, is emotionless like a plant.

At the time of writing, it is unknown when Mei will be released in Dislyte, but we believe that she will join the game in the upcoming updates or patches.

Unfortunately, the developers have yet to announce when the next patch will occur.

Similarly to other Espers, Mei has unique skills that she can use to defeat enemies. Her ability, Replacing Graft, deals damage to 1 enemy based on her attack. It also restores her health points based on the damage that the skill deals.

Wither Branch, on the other hand, deals damage to all enemies based on her attack. Mei will gain Attack Up when casting this skill. If the target is not afflicted with Voodoo Doll when attacked, it reduces the Sky Totem Cooldown.

This ability also has a passive function, which means that Mei gains a shield at the beginning of a round.

Her last skill, Sky Totem, deals damage to all enemies based on her attack and inflicts Voodoo Doll.

When casting this skill, Mei gains a Critical Rate Up buff, but after casting this ability, she performs a Pursuit Attack with Replacing Graft on enemies without the Voodoo Doll effect.

Keep in mind that the Pursuit Attack ignores a certain percentage of the target’s defense.

Dislyte: Mei
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Mei Statistics

When you get Mei, you will have to increase her level to increase her statistics. The table below lists her statistics at different levels:

Statistic Level 1 Level 60 Ascension Phase 6 Resonance 6
Health Points 2607 11 749 15% increase 35% increase
Attack 23 1097 20% increase 35% increase
Defense 193 874   35% increase
Speed 97 97    
Critical Rate 10% 10%    
Critical Damage 150% 150%    
Accuracy 0% 0%    
Resist 20% 20% 10% increase  

As shown in the table, you can ascend Mei to unlock additional bonuses. For every level of Ascension you unlock, you will increase Mei’s statistics. At Ascension Phase 3, her Wither Branch ability will be enhanced.

Set Recommendations

Although Mei is yet to be released, her set recommendations have been revealed. The set recommendations that you can use on Mei are:

Set number Recommendation
  • 4-pieces Thunder Set: 40% Critical Damage increase
  • 2-pieces Fiery Set: Increases Critical Rate by 20%
  • 4-piece Calamity Set: Damage against targets with a debuff is increased by 20%. For every additional debuff on the target, damage is increased by 3%, with a maximum additional increase of 15%
  • 2-piece Fiery Set: Increases Critical Rate by 20%
  • 4-piece Astralis Set: Grants a 25% chance of obtaining an extra turn when Mei takes action.
  • 2-piece Avatara Set: There is a 25% chance that it could counterattack with basic ability when Mei takes damage

Mei’s Resonance

Resonance is a method that you can use to improve Mei’s statistics by sacrificing duplicate copies of her.

This unfortunately means that you need more than 1 Mei in your collection to complete this process. The effects that Mei will unlock with Resonance are:

Resonance level Name Effect
1 Replacing Graft – Overload Replacing Graft’s final damage is increased by 10%
2 Life Blast When Mei’s health points are at 100%, her critical rate is increased by 25%
3 Blessing Base attack, defense and health points are increased by 15%
4 Power Suppression When at an elemental advantage, damage is increased by 12%
5 Aura Base attack, defense and health points are increased by 20%
6 Sky Totem – Morph Sky Totem gains a bonus turn after casting the ability

 How to acquire Mei

To acquire a new Esper in Dislyte, players must use the in-game gacha system, Echo. Each Esper has a certain drop chance, which means that there is no guarantee that you will receive Mei.

But when she is released, it is very likely that Dislyte will increase her drop rate which will make it easier for players to collect her.

Unfortunately, it is unknown when Mei will be introduced to the game, but we recommend that you keep an eye on the game’s official website for further details.

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