Dislyte: Mavis’s Unique Ability

While completing Mavis’s story chapters in Dislyte, you have to complete a question that focuses on Mavis’s unique ability to earn rewards.

Dislyte is an adventurous video game which invites players to fight alongside mythological characters in turn-based battles. You have to use the in-game gacha system, Echo, to summon new Espers.

You should keep in mind that you need to acquire summoning currencies before you can summon a new Esper.

Mavis’s Unique Ability

One of the Espers you can summon is Mavis, who is a Legendary Inferno Esper inspired by the mythological god, Mictecacihuatl.

Her appearance, skills, voice and her mannerisms therefore resemble those of the lady of the dead.

To celebrate the arrival of Mavis, Dislyte is hosting a limited-time event, Bemusement Park, which consists of 3 chapters.

During this event, you can discover more about Mavis’s history, encounter other Espers and defeat foes with Mavis.

The first chapter, All Hallows’ Eve, has 4 episodes through which you can progress, 2 battles in which you can defeat enemies, as well as 2 chests you can open to earn rewards.

Furthermore, players will discover a Story Quiz, which requires that players answer a question based on the story that they just witnessed.

The question you have to answer during the first chapter reads, “What is Mavis’ Unique Ability?” This question has 3 possible answers, but only 1 answer is correct.

You therefore have to choose between Stealth, Talk to Ghosts or Mind Control. Even if you get the question wrong, you will still receive rewards.

Dislyte: Mavis’ Unique Ability
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If you answer the question correctly, you will be rewarded with a Golden Record, but players who get the question wrong will get Inferno Record Fragments.

The correct answer for this question is B: Talk to Ghosts.

Story Quizzes

As you progress through Mavis’s chapters, you can encounter additional Story Quizzes. Although you can still receive rewards for answering the question incorrectly, we recommend that you attempt to choose the correct answer.

You therefore have to pay attention to the dialogue that takes place during the storyline. Players are thus not advised to skip through the chapters.

The other Story Quiz that you can encounter is listed below:

Question Possible Answers Correct Answer
What is Archibald’s Wish?
  • A) Have a real audience
  • B) Conquer the World
  • C) Become a ghost star
A) Have a real audience

Mavis’s abilities

As you progress through the chapters, you will be able to use Mavis’s abilities to destroy enemies, even if she is not in your collection.

It is advised that you refer to the table below to ensure that you know what each of Mavis’s skills do:

Ability Type Description
Spirit Strike Active ability She deals damage to an enemy based on her attack statistic. This ability also increases her AP.
Undertaker Passive ability Grants all allies a Critical Rate Up buff for 1 turn at the start of Mavis’s turn. When teammates take lethal damage, this ability prevents them from dying and grants them Graveless.
All Souls Party Active Ability Deals damage to all enemies based on her attack and  applies Sear and Speed Down debuffs. Mavis also applies Soul Parade to teammates with Graveless, but she removes the buff and grants Holiday Rest to the rest of the teammates.

How to acquire Mavis

All Dislyte players will be able to experience Mavis during the limited-time event, but unfortunately, this does not mean she will automatically be in your Esper Collection.

When the event ends, you will no longer be able to experience Mavis’s abilities without having her in your collection.

To procure Mavis, you have to go to the in-game gacha system; Echo. At the time of writing, players have a 0.0221 percent chance of summoning Mavis through the Gold Record summoning system.

However, if you click on the “Event – 1” tab, you are guaranteed to receive the Legendary Esper, Mavis.

Dislyte players need 100 Wish Stones to perform a spin in the Event – 1 tab to collect Mavis.

Set Recommendations

When you have collected Mavis, you can equip her with set items to enhance her capabilities. The following table lists some of the set combinations that you can equip her with:

Set number Recommendation
  • 4 Ocean Set Items: Grants a 35 percent chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 turn at the beginning of her turn.
  • 2 Shield Set Items: Damage taken is reduced by 12 percent. After taking damage, if the attacker is non-Shimmer and not at an elemental advantage, damage taken is further enhanced by 6 percent for 1 turn.
  • 4 Harmony Set Items: Ally damage is increased by 10 percent for 2 turns after casting Unstackable
  • 2 Holdfast Set items: Increases the allies’ base defense by 12 percent of the wearer’s Resist.

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