Dislyte: Mavis Quiz

To celebrate the arrival of a new 5-star Inferno Esper, Dislyte players can participate in Mavis’s Pop Quiz to earn rewards.

You can indulge in a mythology-themed world in this explorative video game, Dislyte.

The world was invaded by horrifying foes and in an attempt to conquer them, some of the world’s inhabitants received god-like powers.

Mavis Quiz

Dislyte’s developer, Lilith Games, regularly updates the game to release new Espers, activities and events to ensure that the game does not become monotonous.

Lilith Games recently revealed that a new 5-star inferno Esper, Mavis, will be added to the game.

To celebrate the arrival of Mavis, players can participate in a limited-time event called Esper Pop Quiz.

Dislyte: Mavis Quiz
© Lilith Games

This event requires that players answer a set number of questions about the new Esper, as well as the mythological god on which she is based.

We therefore recommend that you do some research on Mavis as well as on Mictecacihuatl, as this mythological god inspired the new Esper.

It is unknown whether every Dislyte player will receive unique questions or not, however, some believe that every player will receive the same questions.

You can therefore wait for other players to answer the questions first and to help you to choose the correct answer. Alternatively, you can answer the questions based on the research that you conducted to earn rewards.

Players should not fret too much about choosing the correct answer as they will still get rewards even if they select the wrong answer.

It is worth noting that by participating in Mavis’ pop quiz you will not receive an advantage over other players for participating in Mavis’ pop quiz, but you will earn rewards that can be used to summon a new Esper or a premium currency.

Mavis’s pop quiz questions

You have to answer 3 questions about Mavis and the mythological god that she is based on during Mavis’s pop quiz, but keep in mind that every question only has 1 correct answer.

The following table lists the questions that you may receive as well as all the possible answers:

Question All Answers
Which mythology is Mictecacihuatl from?
  • A) Aztec
  • B) Greek
  • C) Norse
What is in Mavis’s hand?
  • A) Candy Basket
  • B) Marigold Umbrella
  • C) Doll
What is the name of the boy who performs with Mavis?

 What is in Mavis’s hand?

As seen in the above table, one of the questions that you have to answer is, “What is in Mavis’ hand?’ Similarly to other questions in the pop quiz, this question has 3 answers from which you can choose.

You must therefore choose between a Candy Basket, a Marigold Umbrella or a Doll.

To answer this question, you simply have to view the video that Dislyte posted on their official YouTube Channel.

However, you only have to look at the picture, which can be found above the pop quiz to figure out the answer. The correct answer to the question is a Marigold Umbrella.

Esper Pop Quiz Mavis

As previously mentioned, Dislyte is celebrating Mavis’s arrival by hosting an Esper Pop Quiz, which is a recurring event that is usually held in celebration of the arrival of a new Legendary Esper.

This event requires that players answer a set of questions either relating to the Esper or to the mythological god that they received their powers from.

You have a few days to answer each question before the correct answer is revealed and the next question is posted.

If you answer a question correctly, you will receive 1 Gold Record, but the consolation price for answering a question incorrectly is 100 Nexus Crystals.

To ensure that you answer all the questions correctly, we recommend that you consult the official trailers posted on the Dislyte YouTube channel, in which you will find hints.

Mavis Quiz Answers

Although you can earn 100 Nexus Crystals for choosing the wrong answers, most players want to receive a Golden Record, for which they have to answer the questions correctly.

The table below lists the correct answers for Mavis’s Pop Quiz:

Question Correct answer
Which mythology is Mictecacihuatl from?
  • A) Aztec
What is in Mavis’ hand?
  • B) Marigold Umbrella
What is the name of the boy who performs with Mavis?

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