Dislyte: Mateo

Mateo was accidentally revealed on Dislyte’s PTR server announcement, however, the Esper has since been removed from the game.

Dislyte is set in a modern, mythological world in which you can collect various Espers to defeat horrific foes. Espers are unique characters based on mythological gods. One of these Espers is Mateo, who is inspired by Prometheus.

Dislyte: Mateo

On Sunday, 14 May 2023, Dislyte released an announcement for the PRT Program Recruitment. This announcement introduces a new server to the game, but the developers accidently revealed the name of an upcoming Esper.

According to a Reddit thread, Mateo was revealed in the latest PTR update by accident. Moreover, some Dislyte players have revealed that they are able to view his portrait in the game.

Dislyte: Mateo
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That being said, Mateo’s name reveal, and other in-game information, has since been removed from Dislyte.

Although Mateo was accidentally revealed, the game’s developer has yet to release his official skill set and build. At the time of writing this, Mateo’s skills and the build that players should follow for him are undetermined.

However, players who saw Mateo’s portrait in Dislyte mentioned that he is the new 5-star Esper. This means that players can expect great things from Mateo.

When will Mateo be introduced to Dislyte?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell when Mateo will officially be introduced to Dislyte. However several players have claimed that he will allegedly be added to Dislyte in the next update.

Since the date of the next update is yet to be announced, we recommend that players keep an eye on the official Dislyte website as all official announcements are made on the website.

That being said, the developers do update the game regularly, meaning that Mateo may be released in the near future.

What is PTR?

The PTR server is an independent server apart from the game’s official servers. New content will be introduced to the PTR server first, so that players on the server can enjoy the new content before it is officially release.

Since it is a test server, you may experience bugs or instability while playing on the PTR server. In order to apply for this program, your squad must be at least level 60 on the main servers.

Is Mateo on the PTR Server?

Since new content, features and activities are introduced to the PTR server before their official release, you may be able to procure Mateo before he is added to Dislyte.

Keep in mind that you have to apply to play on the PTR server. The number of players who can join the program is limited and will be approved on a first come, first serve basis.

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