Dislyte: Markiplier Gone

Dislyte players recently discovered that one of their favorite NPCs, Markiplier, was removed from the game as their cooperation with the character has expired.

This adventurous video game, Dislyte, allows players to fight alongside mythological characters in turn-based battles.

To advance in the game, you have to summon Espers, complete main-story missions, participate in events and enjoy various game modes.

Markiplier Gone

Earlier in 2023, the game’s developer Lilith Games, released patch 3.2.2, which introduced Markiplier in Dislyte. Mark Edward Fishbach, more popularly known as Markiplier, is an American YouTuber.

He announced in April 2023 that he will be joining Dislyte as a non-player character. Dislyte players were able to encounter Markiplier by going to the Bounties menu.

Dislyte: Markiplier Gone
© Lilith Games

He took on the duties of Discboom, which means that all the features and activities that players could enjoy by interacting with Discboom are still available, but you now have to interact with Markiplier.

Markiplier was a huge success in Dislyte, and several gamers grew quite fond of him. However, several players recently discovered that Markiplier was removed from Dislyte, which made numerous players unhappy.

However, according to one Dislyte player, Markiplier can still be found on the daily login screen. That being said, Markiplier has been replaced with the original Bounties NPC, Discboom.

Dislyte players should note that it was never part of Lilith Games’ plan to make Markiplier a permanent addition to the game, which means that he will be removed from the game at one point or another.

According to Markiplier’s description, he is a space engineer temporarily working for the Esper Union.

Furthermore, he allegedly traveled to the world of Dislyte through space and perhaps even time. This description suggests that Markiplier’s presence in the game was never meant to be permanent.

Markiplier’s statistics

As previously mentioned, the Bounties NPC, Markiplier, is based on the real life American YouTuber, Mark Edward Fishbach.

Although you cannot find him in Dislyte anymore, you can still support his channel. The following table lists some details about Markiplier:

Detail Description
  • Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
  • Milford High School
  • University of Cincinnati
  • YouTuber
  • Actor
Years active
  • 2012 to present
  • Let’s Play
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Vlog
  • 35.1 million
Total views
  • 20,2 billion

Why was Markiplier removed from Dislyte?

Lilith Games is yet to announce the official reason for removing Markiplier from Dislyte. Though several players have shared their thoughts and opinions about him being removed.

According to a player, Markiplier’s contract concluded with Dislyte, which means that he is no longer collaborating with the developer.

Another player, Kay, mentioned on the official Dislyte Discord server that Lilith Games could not afford to license the character indefinitely, which is why Markiplier was removed from Dislyte.

That being said, the Dislyte-Service confirmed on the server that Markiplier was removed because their cooperation with the character has expired.

Petition to bring Markiplier back

A Dislyte player named SirensSoul started a petition on Wednesday, 11 October 2023 to reinstate Markiplier in Dislyte.

He mentioned that he is an active player in the game and was unhappy to see his favorite character, Markiplier, removed from the game.

SirensSoul further explained that it has deeply affected his gaming experience and that of many others who share his passion for this character.

According to him, Markiplier is not just a character; he represents a sense of familiarity and comfort to several players.

Markiplier’s removal has caused disappointment among a significant number of players and the gaming community and SirensSoul is currently hosting a petition to bring the character back into the game.

At the time of writing this, 160 people have signed the petition.

Will another content creator replace Markiplier?

Markiplier was replaced by the original Bounties NPC, Discboom, however, it is unknown if Dislyte will collaborate with another content creator to introduce a new NPC.

Keep in mind though that even if Dislyte introduces a new NPC to the game who is based on a real life character, it may not necessarily be to replace Discboom.

There are several NPCs in Dislyte who can be temporarily replaced by a well-known content creator.

If Dislyte introduces a new NPC who is based on a real person, players should remember that they will probably not be a permanent addition to the game.

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