Dislyte: Jin Qiu

Jin Qiu is a powerful Fighter Esper in Dislyte who is able to deal True Damage, however, you have to use Echo to procure him.

Dislyte invites players to take on an epic journey in a world that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

You can encounter unique characters which overflow with affection and compassion as well as powerful superheroes who surpass all limits.

Jin Qiu

Lilith Games, Dislyte’s developer, recently released the patch notes for update 3.3.5, which introduced many new Espers, new systems and events for players to enjoy.

The update also implemented adjustments and optimizations to ensure that you have the best gaming experience.

One of the Espers that the update released is Jin Qiu, who is inspired by the Chinese mythological god, Ru Shou.

This essentially means that Jin Qiu’s appearance, abilities and mannerism are based on the God of Gold, Autumn and Punishment.

Dislyte: Jin Qiu
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Jin Qiu is a 5-star Wind Esper that excels at dealing True Damage, especially area-of-effect (AoE) damage. To celebrate Jin Qiu’s arrival, Dislyte is hosting a limited-time event – Cellblock Chaos.

The event’s official description reads, “Faced with passionate new prison guards, what decisions will Jin Qiu make.”

Players who have completed story 4-16 on easy mode will be able to unlock an event map and progress through 3 new chapters. You can complete Entering the Goal, Doubts and Suspicions as well as Revelations.

During this event, you can complete limited-time event quests, Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Sonic Rift and Desolate Lands to acquire Transcript Chips and Case Files.

You can exchange these items for amazing rewards, including Goal Packs, Legendary Abilimon and Records.

Jin Qiu’s abilities

During the Cellblock Chaos event, players can discover Jin Qiu’s abilities, which can be used to vanquish numerous enemies.

Before taking Jin Qiu into battle, we recommend that you become familiar with his abilities:

Ability Description
Cleave Jin Qiu attacks 1 enemy to True damage based on his attack and defense statistics. While having Punish Evil, he attacks 2 more enemies and inflicts Convict for 2 turns.
Pump Fatigue The Esper gains Punish Evil for 2 turns at the cost of a certain percentage of health points. If health points are below a specific percentage, he gains intimidate for 2 turns and  a bonus turn. This ability’s cooldown is not affected by any abilities.
Just Retribution Jin Qiu attacks all enemies to deal True Damage based on his defense and attack statistics. He inflicts Convict for 2 turns and amplifies damage based on target’s debuff count.

Jin Qiu’s effects

As mentioned in the table above, Jin Qiu gains certain buffs and effects when he uses one of his abilities.

To ensure that you use Jin Qiu efficiently, it is crucial that you know what the buffs and effects do before you use one of his abilities.

The table below describes Jin Qiu’s effects and buffs:

Effect or buff Description
Punish Evil Base attack increases by a certain percentage, which increases with the number of debuffs inflicted on enemies by teammates. The base defense increases by a certain percentage. The percentage increases with the number of buffs granted to Jin Qiu by his teammates up to a capped amount.
Intimidate Recovers health points based on damage dealt. Jin Qiu gains Shield at the end of his turn, but the shield strength is based on his maximum health points.
Convict When the carrier attacks, they take True Damage based on their maximum health points. When they take damage, it increases Jin Qiu’s AP.


Resonance is the process of sacrificing a duplicate copy of a certain Esper to improve his or her statistics. Sacrificing duplicate copies of Jin Qiu will unlock different effects at every Resonance level.

The following table lists the different effects that you will unlock when sacrificing duplicate copies of Jin Qiu:

Resonance level Unlock effects
1 Just Retribution’s Final Damage is increased by 10 percent
2 When any teammate inflicts debuffs on opponents, it grants the teammate Punish Evil for 1 turn
3 Base attack, defense and health points are increased by 15 percent
4 When the target’s health points is above 50 percent, damage is increased by 15 percent
5 Base health points, defense and attack are increased by 20 percent
6 Gains intimidate at the beginning of combat, but casting Pump Fatigue does not receive an extra Intimidate effect

How to get Jin Qiu

Once patch 3.3.5 is implemented in Dislyte, gamers will be able to summon Jin Qiu from the in-game gacha system, Echo. Keep in mind though that you need certain summoning materials to perform a summon.

There is a chance that you may not get Jin Qiu when summoning, however, we believe that his drop rate will be increased significantly to make it easier to acquire him.

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