Dislyte: Jin Hee or Koharu

Choosing between Jin Hee and Koharu in Dislyte is not easy as they both offer their teams great benefits, but it comes down to your personal preference.

Dislyte is an exhilarating video game that invites gamers to fight alongside powerful heroes.

One of the recent updates introduced several new heroes. You can now add Koharu (Ame-no-Uzume) and Jin Hee (Dokkaebi) to your arsenal. Since they are both 4-star Espers, players are having a difficult time choosing between the two.

Dislyte: Jin Hee or Koharu

Jin Hee is skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. According to her lore, she is a strong and independent character with a no-nonsense attitude and she takes her duties seriously.

She is known for her agility and speed, so she is a great option for players who prefer quick-witted characters.

In contrast to Jin Hee, Koharu specializes in magic. She is generally calm and collected and is known for her strategic thinking and intelligence. Koharu has a range of healing skills, which makes her a valuable asset to any Dislyte team.

Deciding between them is difficult, as they offer their allies unique benefits . If you are in need of a strong healer, we recommend Koharu. However, if you prefer a character who is quick and agile, then Jin Hee may be the better choice for you.

You have to consider your team’s needs and your own playstyle before making a decision.

Dislyte: Jin Hee or Koharu
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How to acquire Jin Hee and Koharu

Since Jin Hee and Koharu are new characters, they will be featured in a rate-up banner. This means that your chances of summoning either of them will be increased. In order to summon them, you have to go to the in-game gacha system, Echo.

Keep in mind that you need specific summoning currencies to pull for Jin Hee or Koharu. Players can procure the summoning currencies by progressing in Dislyte.

Statistics comparison

Since Jin Hee and Koharu are both 4-star Espers, their statistics do not vary a lot. The table below lists their statistics:

Statistic Jin Hee Koharu
Attack 952 951
Health Points 12,783 13,119
Defense 952 925
Speed 105 104
Critical rate 10 percent 10 percent
Critical damage 150 percent 150 percent
Accuracy 0 0
Resist 20 percent 20 percent
Role Controller Support
Element Wind Inferno

Equipment recommendations

Koharu and Jin Hee require different equipment in Dislyte. The recommended sets for both Espers are as follows:

Esper Set name Effects
Koharu Wind and Grove Increases speed and health points by 25 percent, respectively.
Jin Hee Wind and Recurve Increases speed and accuracy by 25 percent, respectively.

Moreover, Jin Hee and Koharu’s equipment characteristics should prioritize health point bonus, accuracy, and speed. This will increase their efficiency on the battlefield.

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