Dislyte: Infinity Tower

In Dislyte’s Infinity Tower game mode, you need to destroy waves of enemies with your Espers to earn rich rewards.

Dislyte is an exhilarating video game that invites players to dive into a futuristic world in which you have to conquer enemies.

Players must build a squad of Espers, who gain powers from the mythological gods, to progress through the story chapters.

Infinity Tower

In addition to completing story chapters, you can participate in a range of game modes to earn amazing rewards. One of the game modes you can enjoy is Infinity Tower, which is a stage within the Infinite Miracle.

Dislyte: Infinity Tower
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In order to get access to this game mode, you need to clear the Spatial Tower game mode. Keep in mind, however, that the Infinite Tower is much more difficult to complete than the Spatial Tower.

Once you have access to the Infinity Tower, you will find that it consists of 10 floors that you have to complete.

Every floor is home to numerous enemies that you have to defeat before you can move on to the next floor. While fighting opponents, you will be able to select or remove debuffs and buffs on your team.

That being said, if you select a debuff, your Star Rating will increase, but if you select a buff, your Star Rating will decrease.

If you complete a floor without selecting any buffs, you will receive 3 stars, but if you select a buff, you will get more stars, or less, based on the number of buffs that you selected.

In order to earn all the Infinite Tower rewards, you need to earn 60 stars, which means that you have to clear all the floors on the most difficult difficulty level.

Buffs and debuffs

As you progress in the Infinite Tower, you will get the opportunity to select buffs and debuffs which  influence your Star Rating. Some of the buffs and debuffs you can choose from are outlined below:

Category Description
  • Mach Duel: Ally basic Speed is increased
  • Razing Will: Ally Critical Damage is increased
  • Serpentine Heart: Ally Poison Damage is increased
  • Crisis Response: When allies attack, their AP is increased
  • Multi-Resist: When allies are attacked by multiple hits, damage is reduced by a percentage per hit
  • Silent Void: When combat starts, allies are Silenced
  • Unstoppable: Enemies are immune to AP down
  • Cowing Graze: Enemy attacks could inflict Def down
  • Rock God’s Form: Enemy Def is increased

Spatial Tower

As previously explained, you need to clear the Spatial Tower game mode to gain access to the Infinite Tower.

This game mode is considered one of the most challenging activities for new players, as you need to complete 100 unique levels, which get progressively more difficult.

For every level that you complete, you will be rewarded and you will gain access to the next level. Similarly to the Infinite Tower, every level in Spatial Tower is home to unique opponents, which spawn in waves.

Players have to survive every wave to clear the level successfully. For every 10 levels that you complete, you will earn a huge reward.

When you have cleared level 100, you will unlock the Infinite Tower, but it may take you a while to complete this game mode.

Phases and seasons

The Infinite Tower contains different seasons and at the beginning of a new season, enemy formations and rewards for each floor will change.

We therefore recommend that you attempt to complete all 10 levels of the Infinite Tower before a season concludes.

During an Infinite Tower season, you will experience phases, which reset at midnight on the 15th of every month. When a reset occurs, the progress, rankings and recommended formations from the previous phase are cleared.

Unfortunately, every new phase will require that you begin the Infinity Tower again, which means that when the reset occurs, you have to start at the first floor again.

You therefore have to ensure that you complete the 10 floors before the reset happens.

Which teams should you use?

Before starting a floor in the Infinity Tower, Dislyte players will get the opportunity to choose which Espers they want to use to clear the floor. On this menu, you will also be able to see the enemies you will have to vanquish.

We recommend that you choose your Espers according to the enemies that you need to defeat on that floor. If you are struggling to decide which Espers you need to clear the level, you can look at the recommended formations.

This feature takes the Espers that you have in your collection into consideration and creates a team for that floor, though you do not have to use the recommended formations to clear the floor.

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