Dislyte: Infinite Miracle

In Dislyte, players can complete several floors in the Infinite Miracle gaming mode to gain great rewards.

Players can immerse themselves in this mythological, urban mobile game, Dislyte.

The fantasy world was invaded by enemy races, and to fight them, ordinary people became god-like beings. In these horrific times, it is your responsibility to gather heroes to defeat the enemies.

Although the game takes place in the near future, the heroes, otherwise known as Espers, are created based on past mythological gods worldwide.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the Espers have different skills, personalities, and talents, all determined by the mythological god in whose likeness they are created. There are numerous activities you can enjoy once you have enough heroes.

What is the objective of activities?

According to research, having a variety of activities offers players diverse content, which means they will be interested in the game for longer periods of time.

It also increases the chances that different types of people will find something they enjoy in the game.

Some of the activities will be locked when you first start playing the game, but you can gain access to them once you have met the specific requirements to do so. This is, allegedly, a way to motivate players to play the game more frequently.

The game was recently released, so the developers will still release additional features, activities, and content in the future.

Dislyte: Infinite Miracle

The game contains various activities and gaming modes for you to enjoy. One of the gaming modes players can partake in is Infinite Miracle and it features the Spatial Tower. It is a 100-floor abyss type dungeon that you can progress in.

Dislyte: Infinite Miracle
© Farlight Games

Keep in mind that the higher the level you are on, the more difficult the content is, however, the rewards are better too.

The ultimate reward is Lucas, a powerful Legendary Esper who you can only claim once you have completed the final floor.

After completing all the floors, the Spatial Tower becomes the Temporal Tower, which is, essentially, a never-ending trial. Both new and veteran players can benefit from this feature.

It is worth noting that you have to clear a floor before you can move on to the following floor. Every floor has numerous enemies that you have to defeat to gain the rewards.

You should note that participating in the Infinite Miracle deducts stamina. The higher the level is, the more stamina it deducts from your account. Luckily, there are numerous methods you can use to increase your stamina.

Unlike the other gaming modes, you cannot use the Friend Assist and multi-battle features in the Infinite Miracle. This is because this gaming mode puts your heroes to the test, so you cannot use a friend’s Esper to help you.

Furthermore, this mode requires players to invest their full attention into each battle, rather than multiple battles simultaneously.

Infinite Miracle rewards

As previously mentioned, you have to successfully clear a floor to receive the rewards and to be able to move on to the following one. The table below outlines some of the rewards you can get and a brief description of each:

Floor Reward Description
10 Gold Record It is used to acquire an Esper of unusual rarity through spinning.
40 Epic Abilimon Players can use it to level up an Epic Esper’s abilities.
60 Legendary Abilimon Legendary Abilimon can be used to increase a Legendary Esper’s skills.
80 6-Star Wind Walker set This gear set increases an Esper’s speed by 25 percent.
90 Gold Record Players can use it to summon Espers through the Echo system.
100 Lucas Lucas is one of the best disabler Espers in the game. He is useful in all gaming modes but performs best in the Point War.
Dislyte: Infinite Miracle
© Farlight Games

Team composition

It is allegedly best to use Espers with high area-of-effect cleave damage to defeat the majority of foes. Players may need to edit their teams, but typically, Espers with high damage and AOE damage are enough.

Some of the Espers you can use in the Infinite Miracle are:

Role Esper
AOE Espers
  • Heng Yue
  • Berenice
  • Clara
  • Asenath
  • Sally
  • Chang Pu
  • Fabrice
  • Catherine
  • Ye Suhua
  • Unky Chai
  • Gabrielle

Boss mechanics

The boss on the final floor of the Spatial Tower is extremely powerful and possesses many mechanics, meaning that defeating it can be quite difficult.

The first step in this fight is to save all of your AOE abilities for when the boss has used his second skill, as you can use AOE skills to clear the shields.

Dislyte players can use all defensive skills and buffs before the boss uses his second skill, because it is ideal to not take damage. It is advised that you use Immunity to decrease the damage taken.

You should also ensure that you do not kill the Right minion, as he gives the boss numerous buffs, which can increase the difficulty of the content.

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