Dislyte: How to get Nyx

Dislyte players have to participate in the Star Shuffle event in order to acquire Elaine, who is inspired by the Greek goddess, Nyx.

Players can fight alongside mythological characters in this adventurous mobile game, Dislyte.

The game’s fictional world has been overrun by horrific enemies and in an attempt to defeat them, ordinary civilians transformed into divine beings with extraordinary abilities.

One of the characters you can get is Elaine, who is inspired by the mythological character, Nyx, but few players know how to acquire her.

Is Elaine worth it?

Elaine is a powerful fighter with access to Stealth and multi-stage attacks. She was introduced to Dislyte with update 3.2.2, which was released on Tuesday, 11 April 2023. Since she is a new Esper, players are wondering if she is worth procuring.

Due to her multi-stage attack abilities, she is an excellent choice for the Countess Sonica Sentinel Hunt and for the Fafnir Ritual Miracle.

Furthermore, she is particularly effective against the Phobetor Sentinel Hunt as she has the ability to apply Sleep on her enemies.

However, Elaine is not a good option for other gaming modes and activities in Dislyte, so we recommend that you only use her for Countess Sonica Sentinel Hunt, Fafnir Ritual Miracle and Phobetor Sentinel Hunt.

Dislyte: How to get Nyx

Elaine is a 5-star Wind Esper based on the Greek Goddess, Nyx. She uses her unique buffs that dispel debuffs from allies while also increasing her damage via critical damage buffs. Her abilities make her exceptionally effective in several game modes.

Since her release, players have been questioning how to add Nyx to their arsenal. It is worth noting that you cannot summon for Elaine via the in-game gacha system, Echo. Instead, you have to participate in an in-game event called Star Shuffle.

This event kicked off on Tuesday, 11 April 2023 and will conclude on Tuesday, 2 May 2023. During this time, players have to acquire Starlight Keys.

Although these Keys can only be obtained by completing Daily Quests, you can purchase Keys with Nexus Crystals.

You can use the Starlight Keys to open chests on the world map to acquire reward items or Lone Stars. Once you have a sufficient number of Lone Stars, you can choose whether you want to receive a grand prize, or unlock the following stage of the event.

Star Shuffle has 3 stages, namely, Endless Night, Sparkling Galaxy and Morning Light. Although the grand prize is tempting, it is advisable that you use your Lone Stars to unlock the following stage of the event.

After completing the third stage of the event, you will receive Elaine the Legendary Esper for free. At the time of writing this, Elaine can be procured for free.

Although Dislyte players can use Echo to acquire her, they need to use gacha currencies to perform a summon.

Dislyte: How to get Nyx
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Should you acquire Nyx?

Although you can only use Nyx in specific game modes, you should participate in the Star Shuffle event to acquire her. It is better to have Nyx in your collection and never use her, than to not collect her and possibly require her in the future.

Even if you are not planning to use Nyx in your teams, we advise that you acquire her as you may want to use her in the future.

That being said, Nyx can be summoned via Echo, but you need to use your gacha currencies to acquire her. You can collect Elaine for free if you participate in this event.

Nyx’s abilities

Once you have Nyx, you can discover her abilities on the battlefield. The table below outlines her abilities:

Ability Description
Night Raid Nyx attacks an enemy to deal 90 percent attack damage. This ability applies Sleep for 1 turn. While she is in Stealth, she deals an additional 15 percent damage.
Oblivion Strike Elaine attacks an enemy 5 times, each of which deals 34 percent attack damage. Furthermore, each hit steals 1 buff from the enemy and inflicts attack down and Sleep for 2 turns.
Endless Night She gains Night Goddess for 2 turns. This ability clears all enemy Stealth effects. Nyx attacks 1 enemy 5 times to deal 48 percent attack damage. Each hit inflicts Sleep and a Buff Blocker. The amount of damage increases when Elaine is ascended.

In addition to these abilities, Elaine’s captain ability increases her team members’ critical rate by 25 percent. However, it only activates when Elaine is the captain of the team.

Which equipment should Elaine use?

In order to increase Nyx’s efficiency on the battlefield, you have to equip her with the correct gear. We recommend that you use the following gear:

  • Fiery: Increases critical rate by 20 percent.
  • Thunder: Increases critical damage by 40 percent.
  • War: Increases attack by 30 percent.

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