Dislyte: How to get Camille

Dislyte players cannot summon Camille via the in-game gacha system, Echo, instead you have to complete missions in Esper Fusion.

In this thrilling video game, Dislyte, you can participate in turn-based battles that take place in a modern, mythological world. The world was seized by terrifying foes and in an attempt to vanquish them, ordinary people transformed into Espers, who are divine beings with unique powers.

One of the Espers you can collect is Camille, though you cannot summon her through Echo.

Echo in Dislyte

It is i that you have powerful Espers to advance in Dislyte. Although you can upgrade the Espers in your collection, you also need to acquire additional Espers. There are several methods that you can use to collect new Espers, but the most common  is Echo.

This in-game gacha mechanic requires specific currencies that allow you to spin for new Espers. Some players save their summoning currencies for an event, as they give them an increased chance of summoning a Legendary Esper.

Even though Echo is the main way to acquire new Espers, players cannot acquire Camille with it.

Dislyte: How to get Camille

Camille is a Legendary Wind Fighter Esper inspired by Hati, who is a Warg from Norse mythology. She was introduced to the game in update 3.2.2, which means that players can now  add her to their arsenal.

Dislyte: How to obtain Camille
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It is crucial to note that unlike other Espers, you cannot summon Camille from the in-game gacha feature.

The update also revealed that the developers made some changes to Dislyte. One of the changes that they made is Esper Fusion optimizations. Camille, Fatum Sisters and Jin Yuyao were added to Esper Fusion.

Esper Fusion is a unique feature in Dislyte which allows players to create new Espers by combining other Espers. However, you can only enjoy this feature once you have reached level 25. Fusion for Camille will unlock when you unlock Esper Fusion.

This means that you cannot collect Camille once you unlock Esper Fusion. The update revealed that Camille can be fused 7 times, but every fusion requires that players complete a series of missions, and it will consume Gold.

Camille is an excellent Fighter Esper, who is best at wave-clearing content, but it is an extremely long process to acquire and resonate her as you need to complete specific missions.

Therefore, several players do not have Camille, as it is an extremely long process to get her. That being said, though, Camille is definitely worth your time as she is a great Esper.

Camille Resonance

To resonate Camille, you allegedly need to complete the missions listed below:

Resonance level Quests Number of days required
R0 Players can either complete 3 days’ daily tasks or 2 Cube Miracle levels 3 days
R1 You either have to complete 15 Wish Stickers or 15 Club missions 5 days
R2 For this level, you must either complete 25 Expeditions or have 20 Point War wins 8 days
R3 Players must complete 30 Bounties or 3 Cube Miracle levels 10 days
R4 You can complete 25 Sentinel Hunt, or you can collect experience points for 6 level 60 Espers 15 days
R5 You can either complete 40 Bounties, 30 Expeditions or 30 Club missions Unknown

Camille’s abilities

Although it takes more than a month to procure Camille, she has powerful abilities that can be quite useful on the battlefield. Her abilities are:

Ability Description
Wolven Smash It inflicts Sear and Bleed on all enemies for 2 turns. Camille attacks all enemies to deal 100 percent attack damage
Double Claws Camille attacks all enemies to deal 70 percent attack damage and she applies Disease for 2 turns. However, if the target is afflicted with Bleed, she applies Bleed damage immediately
Claw Attack She attacks 1 enemy to deal 100 percent attack damage. This ability extends all debuffs on the enemy by 1 turn

In addition to these skills, Camille has a Captain Ability, which increases ally attack in Story, Infinite Miracle and Calamity Island by 40 percent.

Which equipment should Camille use?

When looking at Camille’s statistics, you may notice that she has a low base attack damage, which players should increase. This can either be done through base attack or with increases to her critical damage.

You should ensure that her debuffs apply by increasing her accuracy. Dislyte players can thus use the following sets:

  • Fiery: Increases her critical rate by 30 percent
  • Thunder: Critical damage is increased by 40 percent
  • War: It increases her attack by 30 percent.

With regard to Camille’s equipment characteristics, you should prioritize:

  • Accuracy
  • Critical Rate
  • Attack Bonus
  • Critical Damage
  • Speed

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