Dislyte: How to get Athena

Players can acquire Athena in Dislyte by participating in a limited-time Echo event, during which they can obtain Wish Stones.

Dislyte is an action-packed mobile game that allows players to participate in turn-based battles to vanquish horrific enemies. Since the fictional world has been overrun by enemies, normal civilians are becoming divine beings with extraordinary powers.

One of the Espers that you can acquire is Leora, who is based on the Greek goddess of handicraft, war and practical reason, Athena. Several Dislyte players have wondered how to add Athena to their arsenal.

Leora’s details and statistics

Leora is a 5-star Fighter Esper with the ability to assist her team. Her element is Flow, and she is part of Esper Union.

She is able to deal a lot of damage, dispel enemy buffs, apply protection buffs to her team members and debuff enemies to decrease the damage that they can do.

Leora’s maximum level statistics are listed below:

Statistic Quantity
Resist 0 percent
Accuracy 0 percent
Critical Damage 150 percent
Critical Rate 10 percent
Speed 103
Defense 860
Health Points 11 632
Attack 1 264

Dislyte: How to get Athena

Since Athena was released on Tuesday, 11 April 2023, players are uncertain about how to acquire her. Generally, you can acquire additional Espers through the in-game gacha system, Echo. This system requires specific gacha currencies to perform a summon.

The summoning rate for Espers depends on the character’s rarity. This means that the rarer an Esper is, the lower the chances are that you will summon him or her.

However, update 3.2.2, which was released on Tuesday, 4 April 2023, revealed that players can participate in a limited-time Echo event to acquire Athena.

This event began on 4 April 2023 and will conclude on Tuesday, 2 May 2023. During this time, you have a special chance of summoning Leora or Elaine from Echo spins, which means that you have a bigger chance of summoning Leora from Echo spins than usual.

That being said, for every Legendary Esper that you summon, you will receive 20 Wish Stones. However, if you summon an Epic Esper, you will receive 1 Wish Stone. Once you have 100 Wish Stones, you can use them to acquire the current event’s featured Esper.

The normal gacha system does not guarantee that you will summon a specific Esper, but by using the Wish Stones, you are guaranteed to collect the current event’s featured Esper, including Athena.

It is noteworthy that Wish Stones can only be procured by drawing from Gold Card Pools and it does not include new Dislyte player card pools.

Dislyte: How to get Athena
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Ascending Leora

Once you have acquired Leora, you need to improve her, which you can do through ascension. Ascension can only take place at levels 10, 20,30,40 and 50. The following table outlines Leora’s Ascension phases:

Phase Ascension effect
  • Defense is increased by 70
  • Health points are increased by 340
  • Attack is increased by 25
  • Defense is increased by 25
  • Health points are increased by 950
  • Attack is increased by 25
  • Dawn Guardian is upgraded
  • Critical Rate is increased by 5 percent.
  • Attack is increased by 15 percent
  • Critical Damage is increased by 25 percent

Which equipment is best for Leora?

To ensure that Leora is highly effective on the battlefield, you have to equip her with the correct gear.

Her kit is best when she is fully utilizing her War Goddess buff and to make maximum use of this buff, you have to increase her critical rate and critical damage. You should use the following gear:

  • Fiery: Increases her critical rate by 20 percent.
  • Thunder: It increases Athena’s critical damage by 40 percent.

Athena’s abilities

When looking at Athena’s abilities, you will notice that she is excellent at clearing waves. Thus, you should use her in Kronos and in Point War. Athena’s abilities can be described as follows:

Ability Description
Daylight Beam Athena gains Invincibility and attacks for 2 turns. She also dispels all buffs on a selected enemy and inflicts critical rate down for 3 turns. She attacks her enemies to deal damage. The amount of damage that she deals is determined by the skill’s level. The higher the level, the more damage she deals.
Dawn Guardian This skill applies a Standoff to all allies below 50 percent health points for 2 turns and it applies the effect on the remaining allies for 1 turn. Athena attacks 1 enemy to deal 150 percent damage. Before casting this ability, Leora gains War Goddess for 1 turn.
Forward Strike This ability allows Athena to attack an enemy to deal 100 percent damage. The damage she deals increases as the skill gains higher levels. She inflicts Sear for 2 turns and decreases enemy AP by 15 percent.

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