Dislyte: Heng Yue

Dislyte contains various Espers, one of which is Heng Yue, who is considered a decent healer for early and midgame content.

Players can fight alongside powerful heroes in this turn-based mobile game, Dislyte. Regrettably, the world was invaded by horrific creatures, and in an attempt to defeat them, ordinary people became god-like beings with unique talents. In these dark times, it is up to you to restore peace and harmony to the world.

The game offers you urban content with incredibly-illustrated storylines of heroes, also known as Espers. Although the game is set in the near future, Espers are created in the image of past mythological gods from across the world.

There are numerous methods gamers can use to obtain Espers, however, the most common way is using banners.

What are the different banners?

The banners form part of the in-game summoning and gacha system called Echo. This system allows players to summon varying rarities of Espers using summoning currencies, which they receive as they advance in the game.

There are currently 3 distinct banners you can use and each one serves a different purpose. The beginners benefits banner can only be used 10 times during the early-stages of the game. This banner is there to give new players their first Legendary Esper.

The normal summoning banner allows you to summon any 3-star to 5-star hero and the rate-up summoning banner allows players to summon a specific Esper whose summoning chances are higher than normal.

Dislyte: Heng Yue

There are currently over 30 Espers that you can acquire and play with and one of them is Heng Yue, who received the heavenly powers of the chilly goddess of the moon, Chang’e. Heng Yue is a support healer Esper that can dispel her enemies.

She is a 23-year-old Med-Team Operations Chief that is part of the Flow attribute, which means that she is quite powerful against an Inferno enemy, but she will easily take damage from a Wind character. Her affiliation is Esper Union, and she is voiced by Sydney Hymanson.

Dislyte: Heng Yue
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Similarly to other Espers, Heng Yue starts at level 1 when she is added to your collection. It is worth noting that her statistics and powers are not very beneficial in battle, as they are base-level skills.

If you are interested in using her in your team, it is advised that you increase her powers and statistics as fast as possible. Fortunately, there are numerous methods that allow you to improve an Esper.

Heng Yue’s base statistics are as follows:

Statistic Amount
Speed 91
Defence 849
Health Point 15 073
Attack 885

 Heng Yue’s skills

Heng Yue is created in the likeness of Chinese god of the moon, Chang’e, who gave shape to her skills, appearance, and personality. Chang’e is best known for stealing an elixir of immortality from her husband. Heng Yue’s skills can be described as follows:

Skill Description

Golden Moon

Heng Yue dispels debuffs from her allies and heals them for 30 percent, plus an additional 3 percent per dispelled debuffs of their maximum health points.

Undying Elixir

She heals whoever has the lowest percent of health points on the team for 10 percent of their maximum health. Additionally, she dispels a debuff from whichever ally has the least health every turn.

Silvermoon Kiss

Heng Yue deals damage to an enemy equal to 120 percent of the attack with a chance of dispelling a buff from the target.

Which relics should Heng Yue use?

Relics are materials that Espers can equip to improve their statistics, and some of them can provide your heroes with additional effects. This greatly depends on the set and type of relic you are using, though. Even though you can use any relic set, it is advised that you use the following for Heng Yue:

Set number Name Description
1 Abiding Panacea (4 pieces) It increases Heng Yue’s healing efficacy by 30 percent.
  Master Grove (2 pieces) This set increases her health by 25 percent.
2 Abiding Panacea (4 pieces) It increases Heng Yue’s healing efficacy by 30 percent.
  Adamantine (2 pieces) This set provides allies with a shield equal to 20 percent of their maximum health.

Is Heng Yue one of the best healers in the game?

Choosing a healer in the game can be quite a difficult decision, but some clear choices outshine the rest. The best healer in the game is currently Sally, though this does not mean that you should not use Heng Yue as your team’s healer.

Heng Yue is still considered a decent healer for early and midgame content. But you may have to replace her to clear endgame content.

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