Dislyte: Free summons

It is advised that players only use codes from credible sources to receive freebies in Dislyte, which includes free summons and currencies, among other things.

Players can immerse themselves in an urban, mythological world in this popular mobile game, Dislyte. The game is set in the near future, and it offers players stylish content with beautifully-illustrated storylines of heroes, otherwise referred to as Espers.

The official description reveals that this world was invaded, so it is now your responsibility to restore peace and harmony.

The game currently offers more than 30 unique Espers for you to summon and use in different activities.

Every hero has been created based on a mythological god, who gave shape to their personalities, appearances, and skills. Espers can be procured in various ways, however, most players use the Echo system.

What is Echo?

Echo is the in-game summoning system that enables players to summon raging rarities of Espers. Keep in mind that you need specific summoning currencies to participate in this feature. Every currency can only be used on a specific banner, which contains various Espers.

The banners you can summon heroes are as follows:

Banner Description

Normal summoning banner

Players can summon any Esper between 3-stars and 5-stars at any time, though the chances of summoning a 5-star hero are less than those of summoning a 3-star hero.

Rate-up summoning banner

This banner is usually only active for a limited time, as it has a rate-up Esper. The chances of summoning this specific Esper is quite high, however, you can still summon any Esper between 3-stars and 5-stars.

Dislyte: Free summons

As you know, players can procure additional Espers using the Echo system in Dislyte. It is important to note that the Esper you summon is determined by their drop rates. This is because there are rare, epic, and legendary Espers.

Rare Espers have the highest drop rate, which means your chances of summoning one are incredibly high. On the other hand, the chances of summoning a legendary Esper are only 1 percent, which indicates how difficult it is to obtain them.

By now you know that you need specific items to participate in the Echo system, you cannot use this feature if you do not have these items in your collection.

However, some players may discover or receive a summoning code that provides them with a certain amount of free summonses. Players can then summon an Esper for free.

It is advised that players use these codes with caution, though, as there are many websites that provide players with fake codes. You should only use codes that were published on credible sources. Allegedly, some of these codes can hack into your game and gather all your personal data.

This is why most players rather choose not to use codes at all, but rather summon Espers the traditional way. The table below indicates the summoning currencies you need to participate in the Echo features.

Currency Description

Elemental class record

These records are bound to specific elements, for example, you can only receive an Inferno Esper if you use an Inferno record.

Gold record

Players can use them to summon any Esper from any banner.

Platinum record

These records can be used to summon an Esper between 4-stars and 5-stars.

How to activate a code

Once you have received, or discovered a code from a credible source, you have to activate it in-game to receive the rewards. To redeem a code, you have to launch the game and then click on your icon, located on the top left corner of the screen.

You will then see a settings tab on the bottom of the screen and by clicking on it, you will open a new menu. There is a services option in the new menu, with numerous settings.

On the bottom section of the menu, you can select the gift code tab, into which you can enter the code and receive the rewards it offers.

Dislyte: Free summons
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What are the current active codes?

Players should note that the codes they receive from credible sources only remain active for a certain amount of time. Some of the current active codes and what you receive by activating them in-game are:

Code Rewards


·   1 Rare Starimon

·   4 Basic Starmimons

·   100 000 Gold

·   50 Nexus Crystals


·   3 Rare Starimon

·   4 Basic Experimom

·   50 Nexux Crystals

·   1 experience point booster


·   100 000 Gold

·   1 experience point booster

·   1 Stamina Supply Pack


·   100 000 Gold

·   50 Nexus Crystals

·   5 Basic Divine Wave Opt-Pack


·   1 Gold Record

·   100 Nexus Crystals

Why should players use codes?

Codes are one of the best ways to get freebies in the game. These free items can aid players tremendously, especially if they use them in the early-game stages.

However, this does not mean that veteran players should not make use of the codes, as they can also benefit from the free items and rewards.

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