Dislyte: Free Nyx

By completing stage 3 of Dislyte’s Star Shuffle event, you can obtain Elaine, who is based on the Greek Goddess Nyx, for free.

Dislyte is an exhilarating video game that contains turn-based battles in a modern, mythological world. Horrific enemies seized the world in the game, now it is up to you to collect Espers (the heroes in the game) to defeat them.

Elaine is one of the Espers that you can acquire . She is based on the mythological character, Nyx, and you can obtain her for free.

Who is Elaine?

Elaine is a Legendary Wind Fighter Esper inspired by Nyx – a Greek Goddess of the night. Elaine uses unique buffs that can dispel debuffs from her allies, however, she can also increase her damage using her critical damage buffs.

Furthermore, she can distribute a good amount of debuffs to the enemy, which makes them vulnerable to your team’s attacks.

Because of her multi-stage attack abilities, Elaine can be an excellent option for the Countess Sonica Sentinel Hunt and the Fafnir Ritual Miracle.

One of her abilities applies a Sleep debuff on her enemies, which makes her extremely effective against the Phobetor Sentinel Hunt.

She is extremely powerful in these activities, but we recommend that you do not use her for scenarios outside of the ones in these examples.

Dislyte: Free Nyx
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Dislyte: Free Nyx

Patch 3.2.2, which was released on Tuesday, 4 April 2023, introduced several new Espers and in-game events the game.

Players can now acquire Leora, who is inspired by the mythological character, Athena, and Elaine, who is based on the Greek Goddess, Nyx.

In normal circumstances, you would use the in-game gacha system to acquire additional Espers. To summon an Esper, you have to collect a special in-game currency. However, players can now procure Elaine, who is a 5-star Legendary Esper, for free.

One of the new events in Dislyte is Star Shuffle, which commenced on Tuesday, 11 April 2023 and will conclude on Tuesday, 2 May 2023.

During this event, you can acquire Starlight Keys by completing the Daily Quests and you can also purchase the Keys with Nexus Crystals.

Moreover, you can use the Starlight Keys to open chests on the map to acquire reward items or Lone Stars.

This event has 3 phases, namely Endless Night, Sparkling Galaxy and Morning Light. Once you have enough Lone Stones, you can either accept the grand prize for that floor, or unlock the next phase of the event.

After completing the third phase of the Star Shuffle event, you will receive Elaine the Legendary Esper for free. Although it is a time-consuming event, it is advisable that you participate in it as you will receive a Legendary Esper if you do.

Players should note that you need to complete Story 1-13 on Easy Mode to partake in the event.

Otherwise, you need to take your chances with Echo, the in-game gacha system. Keep in mind that you may not receive Elaine when summoning Espers.

What happens with unused Starlight Keys?

There is a possibility that you will have Starlight Keys in your inventory at the end of the Star Shuffle event. Once the event has concluded, all unused Starlight Keys will be converted into Gold, which is an in-game currency.

Therefore, your time and efforts during the Star Shuffle event will not be wasted, as you will receive Gold for every unused Starlight Key. However, you should use your Keys during the event and not save them to obtain Gold.

Which equipment does Elaine use?

Once you have Elaine, you need to equip her with gear. To get the most of her, you need to deal critical hits whenever she uses her ability, Endless Night. This will trigger her Night Goddess buff, which transfers 1 debuff from all allies onto her enemies.

You should thus equip Elaine with the following sets:

Set Effect
War Increases her attack by 30 percent
Thunder Increases her critical damage by 40 percent
Fiery Increases her critical rate by 20 percent

Elaine’s abilities

All Espers in Dislyte have several abilities which they use to fight enemies. Elaine’s abilities are as follows:

Ability name Description
Night Raid It attacks 1 enemy and deals 90 percent attack damage. Eline also inflicts a Sleep debuff for 1 turn and while in Stealth, she deals additional damage. Elaine’s attacks will not interrupt Sleep effects and she has a 50 percent chance of ignoring 25 percent Defense when attacking enemies with Sleep.
Oblivion Strike She attacks 1 enemy 5 times. This skill deals 34 percent attack damage, and each hit steals 1 buff. Elaine also applies an Attack Down and Sleep debuffs for 2 turns
Endless Night She gains the Night Goddess effect for 2 turns which clears all enemy Stealth effects. The skill also attacks 1 enemy 5 times to deal 48 percent attack damage. Each hit inflicts Sleep and Buff Blocker.

In addition to this, Elaine’s Captain Ability increases ally critical rate by 25 percent. Though this skill only activates when she is assigned as the Captain of the team.

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