Dislyte: Feng Xun

Dislyte recently announced that a new Esper known as Feng Xun will be released on Tuesday, 30 January 2024

The purpose of Dislyte is to collect as many Espers as possible and upgrade them to complete story levels. However, you can also use your Espers to participate in events and progress through a variety of game modes.

Dislyte recently took to X (previously known as Twitter) to announce the arrival of a new Esper called Feng Xun. Unfortunately, the post did not reveal much about the new Esper, however, it did announce that “Your fate is sealed. You’ve already lost.”

Dislyte: Feng Xun
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The announcement was released on Tuesday, 23 January 2024 and since its release, players have shared their thoughts on the new Esper.

Several players believe that Feng Xun is related to Feng Nuxi, who is a powerful Controller and is capable of dispelling enemy buffs and enhancing herself.

It was also revealed that he is based on the Chinese mythological God, Fuxi. This essentially means that Feng Xun’s appearance, personality and perhaps even his abilities were inspired by Fuxi.

Feng Nuxi, on the other hand is based on Nuwa, and according to the Chinese foundation myth, Fuxi and Nuwa are siblings.

They were the only survivors of a great flood and were charged with repopulating the world. They created vast numbers of clay figures which they were able to bring to life with some divine assistance.

The mythological lore may hint that gamers will be able to progress through a unique storyline which features both Feng Xun and Feng Nuxi.

Feng Xun’s abilities

Similarly to other Espers in Dislyte, Feng Xun has various abilities, which were released in the 3.4.1 patch notes. His abilities and a description of each are listed below:

Ability Description
Draconic Roar He deals damage to 1 enemy based on his Attack and max HP. He also recovers HP for the ally with the lowest HP by a certain percentage.
Chakra Strike Feng Xun deals damage to all enemies and inflicts a Defense Down debuff. While Marsh Wind is in effect, he is guaranteed to land a critical hit. Every time after dealing damage, he deals extra damage based on his max HP.
One Harmony This ability activates the March Wind zone for several turns. Feng Xun also gains several stacks of a Journey and performs a Pursuit Attack with Chakra Strike.

When will Feng Xun be released in Dislyte?

According to update 3.4.1’s patch notes, the developers will take Dislyte offline for a short time on Tuesday, 30 January 2024 to improve the game and implement updates. It can therefore be said that Feng Xun will be released in Dislyte on the same day.

Once the update is complete, players level 5 and higher will receive 200 Nexus Crystals, which can be claimed via the in-game mail.

However, if the update takes more than 2 hours to complete or if the opening of servers is delayed, gamers will receive 100 additional Nexus Crystals per hour delayed.

How to acquire Feng Xun

In order to celebrate the arrival of Feng Xun, Dislyte is hosting a limited-time Echo Event which will remain active for 21 days after the update. The event offers a special chance to summon Feng Xun, Javid and Gabrielle from Echo spins.

Players can spend 100 Wish Stones in the Event pool to guarantee the acquisition of the current events featured Esper. You can acquire Wish Stones by summoning Epic or Legendary Espers from the Gold Record Player.

You will receive 20 Wish Stones for every Legendary Esper that you summon, and only 1 Wish Stone for every Epic Esper that you summon.

It is important to remember that Wish Stones can only be procured through summoning from Gold Card Pools, which does not include new player card pools.

Feng Xun’s equipment

Since Feng Xun has not been released in Dislyte, it is difficult to tell which gear sets you should equip on him.

We therefore recommend that after you have summoned Feng Xun, you experiment with the different sets to determine which set enhances his capabilities.

Players should also consider his abilities before deciding on his gear sets as some sets may hinder his abilities while others will boost the abilities.

You can also head to the official Dislyte Discord server and communicate with other Dislyte players about which set will be perfect for Feng Xun.

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