Dislyte: Farrah

To celebrate the arrival of Farrah in Dislyte, you can enjoy a limited-time Echo event as well as a unique pop quiz.

You can immerse yourself in a mythological world in this exciting video game, Dislyte. The world was invaded by horrifying enemies and in an attempt to conquer them, some of the world’s inhabitants transformed into divine beings called Espers.

One of the Espers that you can procure is Farrah, a 5-star Wind hero.

Patch 3.3.3

On Tuesday, 19 September 2023, Dislyte released patch 3.3.3, which introduced several new Espers, events and activities to the game. Players can now collect Farrah and Emma, who can be used in a range of game modes.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the Divinate system, which essentially unlocks a new ability for every Esper.

As for new events, you can enjoy Return Dreaming, Golden Autumn, Pass into Myth, Boomboom’s Treasure Kingdom as well as several other limited-time Echo events to recruit new Espers.

Players should bear in mind that the new events are only active for a certain time period.

Dislyte: Farrah

Farrah, a 5-star Wind Esper who is capable of crowd control, was introduced to Dislyte with patch 3.3.3.

She is based on the mythological characters, Abzu and Tiamat, who are known as the god of the groundwater and goddess of the sea, respectively.

Similarly to other Espers in Dislyte, Farrah has various abilities, which were inspired by the mythological characters that she is based on.

Farrah’s abilities as well as a description of each are provided in the table below:

Ability Description
Tide Slash
  • Grants herself Attack Up and attacks 1 enemy
  • Ascension: Gains Attack Up and attacks 1 enemy, but if the opponent has Freeze, this ability deals Slash Damage
Coldwater Splash
  • Inflicts Freeze on all enemies while attacking them. This skill also inflicts Defense Down on enemies
  • Passive: Attacks against enemies with Freeze are guaranteed to land a critical hit
Stormy Waves
  • Dispels several buffs from all foes
  • Inflicts Freeze and Speed Down
  • Farrah gains Synergy
  • Passive: At the beginning of a round, she gains Synergy for 1 turn. If she already has Synergy at the start of her turn, she dispels all control effects from herself
  • While Synergy is in effect, Farrah gains AP after being attacked by enemy abilities

To obtain Farrah, players can participate in the limited-time Echo event which offers players a special chance to summon Farrah.

You have to spend 100 Wish Stones in the Event pool to guarantee the acquisition of the current event’s featured Espers. You can obtain Wish Stones  by procuring Epic or Legendary Espers from the Gold Record Player.

In addition to the limited-time Echo event, you can enjoy Farrah’s pop quiz event, which consists of a few questions.

Dislyte: Farrah
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Where did Farrah live when she was young?

One of the questions that you have to answer during Farrah’s pop quiz is “Where did Farrah live when she was young?”

Although there are several possible answers, you have to choose the correct answer to receive the final reward.

According to Farrah’s lore, she grew up in an orphanage where she was subjected to secret and illegal transformation experiments. Her body and mind was ravaged, and she gained Esperhood.

Farrah was then sent to a research center where she suffered further experimentation. These prolonged ordeals gave Farrah a pessimistic outlook on life and taught her to enjoy pain.

How many heads does Farrah have?

While progressing through the Pop Quiz, you may be asked the question, “how many heads does Farrah have?”

Fortunately, this is quite an easy question to answer as many players have encountered her throughout the game’s storylines.

The correct answer to this question is 2 heads. She has a normal, human-like head as well as an alien-like head which protrudes from her neck area.

Who does Farrah miss the most?

The final question that most Dislyte players will have to answer is “Who does Farrah miss the most?” Similarly to the previous questions, there are several possible answers to this question, however, there is only 1 correct answer.

To answer this question correctly, you have to select the option that mentions her mother.

If you answer all 3 questions correctly, you will receive a Gold Record, which you can use to recruit a new Esper in the in-game gacha feature, Echo.

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