Dislyte: Elemental Wave Booster

There are numerous items in Dislyte such as the Elemental Wave Booster which grants a 1-hour Divine Wave collection bonus of 100 percent.

Dislyte is a popular role-playing mobile game that invites players to enjoy an urban, imaginative, mythological world, which was tragically invaded by enemies.

In an attempt to defeat them, ordinary people got special abilities and became divine beings. In these horrific times, it is your responsibility to restore peace and harmony to the world.

Even though the game is set in the near future, the heroes, called Espers, are somewhat replicas of past mythological gods.

The game offers players beautifully-illustrated storylines of Espers, each of which take on diverse skills, personalities, and appearances. Espers enable players to partake in numerous activities and gaming modes in Dislyte.

What are the different gaming modes?

The game offers players various gaming modes, each of which serves a specific purpose in the game. It is worth noting that most of the activities and gaming modes are initially locked, but you can gain access to them once you have met the requirements to unlock them.

The gaming modes can be divided into 3 categories, namely Story, Trials, and Multiplayer mode. The Story is, essentially, the main campaign of the game in which you have to defeat enemies and clear stages.

Keep in mind that the stages increase in difficulty. The Trials comprise varying Miracle modes, and Multiplayer features the Point War and the Arena.

Dislyte: Elemental Wave Booster

There are currently 5 Trials that players can partake in, one of which is the Sonic Miracle. In this gaming mode, players have to battle Infernis, Shimmerer, Flowrunner, and Windstriker which are representations of the 4 elements. You should note that only 2 of the 4 Elements are available every day, and they rotate based on what day it is.

Dislyte: Elemental Wave Booster
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Once you have successfully completed a stage, you will receive Elemental Waves and Nexus Crystals. The greater the difficulty you face, the better your rewards are.

Players need Elemental Waves to Ascend their Espers, but it is worth noting that the Elemental Waves can only be used on corresponding Espers. This means that a Windstriker Wave can only be used on a Wind Esper.

Players should take note that they can only receive a few different rarities of Waves for completing a stage. This means that you have to invest some time and effort into farming Waves to Ascend your Espers.

Alternatively, you can use an Elemental Wave Booster, which grants a 1-hour Divine Wave collection bonus of 100 percent.

Essentially, this means that you will likely receive double the number of rewards when it is active. Players, therefore, spend less time farming Waves and they can Ascend their Espers faster.

Keep in mind that this item boosts the drop instead of the drop rate. The chances that you will receive specific items during the Sonic Miracle thus remain the same.

Does the Elemental Wave Booster stack during events?

The game’s developers, FarLight Games and Lilith Games, occasionally host events for players to partake in. During events, players can receive certain boosts and effects, such as an increase in rewards.

It is important to note that the Elemental Wave Booster does not stack during in-game events.

For instance, the Ascension Materials Drop Rate-up Event increases a player’s chances of receiving Ascension materials. Since Waves are an Ascension material, players receive more Waves during this event.

However, if you use an Elemental Wave Booster during this event, you will not receive a 200 percent collection bonus as this item does not stack with events.

Dislyte: Elemental Wave Booster
© Farlight Games

How to acquire an Elemental Wave Booster

Allegedly, you can obtain an Elemental Wave Booster as a reward for completing things in the game. Alternatively, you can purchase one by going to the Plaza, which you can find in the main menu.

In the Plaza, you can discover numerous tabs, but you need to head to Resources to purchase an Elemental Wave Booster. It costs approximately 250 Nexus Crystals and you can only purchase 3 Elemental Wave Boosters weekly.

What is Ascension?

As previously mentioned, players need Waves to Ascend their Espers. Ascension not only increases their base statistics, but the third Ascension enhances certain abilities of every Esper.

It is highly recommended that you ensure your Espers are Ascended till the third phase while you are playing early-game content. Keep in mind that the higher the Ascension phase is, the rarer materials you need.

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