Dislyte: Drew

One of the Espers you can procure in Dislyte is Drew, who is considered one of the best early-game heroes due to his talents.

In this urban, mythological mobile game, Dislyte, players can participate in turn-based battles against various enemies.

To aid you in your mission of defeating enemies, ordinary people transformed into god-like beings with unique talents and superpowers. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to restore peace and harmony to the world.

The game takes place in the near future, and it offers players extraordinary content with beautifully-illustrated storylines of Espers, who are the heroes of the game.

Every Esper has a unique personality and appearance, because they are created based on mythological gods from all over the world. An Esper’s abilities and talents are also determined by their mythological god.

Dislyte: Drew
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Why are Espers important?

Espers are your characters which you have to collect before you can use them in different activities in the game. Supposedly, these heroes are essential to progressing faster and more productively in the game. The stronger your Espers are, the faster you will be able to clear the game’s content.

They are thus a crucial part of the game, as you would not be able to defeat enemies without them while completing the game’s main story.

Espers also allow players to participate in the various gaming modes and activities the game offers. It is alleged that you cannot play the game at all without an Esper in your collection.

Dislyte: Drew

One of the Espers players can procure is Drew, who is based on the Egyptian mythological god, Anubis. Similarly to Anubis, Drew is a compassionate butler who has vowed to bring justice when the right time comes.

Dislyte: Drew
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Drew is one of the best early-game damage-dealing units who works brilliantly against varying types of enemies. However, he performs best when he is fighting a weaker opponent that can be taken down in just a few hits.

Players should note that all Espers have basic statistics that will improve as they reach new levels. Though there are numerous other methods that can be used to increase your Esper’s statistics, they can be quite expensive. Drew’s base statistics are:

Statistic Amount
Attack 1144
Defence 810
Health Points 10 343
Speed 91

It may be interesting to note that Drew is 35 years old and identifies as an Ops Chief. He is part of the Esper Union and he has the Inferno attribute.

Drew’s skills

Drew received his talents and strengths from the ancient Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis. Drew’s skills are listed below with a description of each:

Skill Description

Piercing Strike

Drew strikes a target which deals damage equal to 130 percent of the attack. When a critical hit is triggered, it reduces the cooldown of Death’s Judgement by 1 turn.

Shadow Shock

He deals damage to an enemy equal to 220 percent of the attack with an 80 percent chance of inflicting a defence debuff for 2 turns.

Death’s Judgement

This skill allows Drew to deal damage to an enemy equal to 260 percent of the attack. However, if the enemy dies he will perform a bonus attack against a random enemy, which deals damage equal to 150 percent of the attack. The bonus attack can occur up to 2 times within a turn.

Recommended gear sets

As players progress in the game, they can procure different types of gear sets. You can equip your Espers with gear to make them more powerful, though it is noteworthy that some gear sets perform better with specific heroes than with others. The following table lists the gear sets that Drew performs best with:

Gear set Name Description
1 Wrath of Jupiter (4 pieces) It increases Drew’s attack by 30 percent.
  Fiery Incandescence (2 pieces) This set increases Drew’s critical rate by 20 percent
2 Hades (4 pieces) This set allows Drew to regenerate health points.
  Sword Avatara (2 pieces) This set has a 30 percent chance of using the basic ability to counterattack upon taking damage.
Dislyte: Drew
© Farlight Games

Which relics should Drew use?

Relics are materials that can be engraved into your Espers to increase their base statistics. Some Relics can provide your heroes with additional effects, but this depends on the type of Relic used. These are the recommended relics for Drew:

Relic Statistic
MUI II Attack or Speed
UNA IV Attack
UNA II Critical damage

Final thoughts

Dislyte is a newly-released mobile game that allows players to fight alongside unique heroes in this urban, mythology-themed universe.

Unfortunately, though, the fictitious universe was invaded by enemies, so in an effort to defeat them, ordinary people became god-like beings who received powers from mythological gods from across the world.

One of the Espers you can procure is Drew, who was created in the image of the Egyptian god of death, Anubis. He is one of the best early-game heroes because of his powerful talents and statistics, however, he may not be the best Esper with which to clear endgame content.

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