Dislyte: Divinate

Dislyte recently announced that players can enjoy the Divinate Upgrade system, however, it is only available on the PTR server.

Dislyte takes place in a modern, mythological world in which you can obtain an array of Espers to destroy horrific foes.

Dislyte’s developer, Lilith Games, regularly updates the game to ensure that players have the best gaming experience. They recently announced on Twitter that players can now enjoy the Divinate system.

Dislyte: Divinate

On Tuesday, 5 September 2023, Dislyte announced on Twitter that players can now enjoy the Divinate Upgrade system.

Divinate will not only provide bonuses to an Esper’s attack, health points and defense statistics, but it will also introduce special mechanics to Espers.

In the announcement, Dislyte used Ophelia’s Divinate, The Incommunicable, as an example. When her enemy’s remaining health points decrease below a certain percentage, Elegant Strike’s Final Damage will receive an additional boost.

The Incommunicable further enhances Ophelia’s ability to vanquish enemies. However, when facing opponents with low health points, she has a greater chance of securing a kill.

In order to enhance Divinate, players must  obtain Sound Matrix Stones, which have absorbed Miracle Waves from within the Sonic Miracle rift and hold the power to boost Divinate. Unfortunately, the stones are guarded by Bosses residing in the Rift.

This means that players have to vanquish the Bosses to procure Sound Matrix Stones. By consuming the stones, you can enhance the attributes provided by Divinate.

Keep in mind that this enhancement will bestow attribute bonuses upon Espers, with the max enhancement being level 30.

How to access the Divinate upgrade system

Although the Divinate upgrade system was recently announced, it is currently in a PTR testing phase. This means that only players who enjoy Dislyte on the PTR server can experiment with the Divinate upgrade system.

It is noteworthy that there may be adjustments made before it is officially released to all Dislyte servers. Players can refer to the Divinate System PTR Test to find the specific release date.

Inferno and Flow Legend Divinates

Only some Espers can benefit from the Divinate upgrade system. The following table lists the Inferno Divinates:

Esper Divinate Description
Jin Yuyao Blood-Drenched Sword-Storm At the beginning of a round, the bearer could gain speed for 1 turn
Lewis Come at Me! When the target’s critical rate is below the bearer’s, Rage Avatar’s Final Damage is increased by 30 percent
Narmer Staring at the Sun The bearer could gaining Attack Up for 2 turns
Li Ling Fearing Nothing Before casting Altar, he has a chance of gaining Attack Up for 2 turns
Lucas The Horizon Reverberates After Casting Pillar of Light, he has a chance of gaining Speed Up for 2 turns
Clara Her Majesty’s Command After casting Queen’s Blessing or Hymn of Life, she dispels 1 debuff from the ally with the lowest HP
Elliot Tomes of Wisdom When casting Pure Enlightenment, he gains DEF Up for 1 turn
Brewster Bye-Bye Bomb Blast When he has Reload! Attack! HAHAHA’S final attack is increased by 25 percent
Abigail Rule of the Rose When casting Thorny Brambles, she has a 50 percent chance of granting 1 ally recovery for 1 turn
Dislyte: Divinate
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The table below lists the Flow Divinates:

Esper Divinate Description
Donar Mighty Thunder Hammer He gains Conductor for 1 turn, but if his defense is higher than the enemy’s, Explosions in the Sky’s final damage are increased by 25 percent
Tiye The Fated One At the end of the turn, he has a 50 percent chance of gaining Recovery
Gaius Thunder of the God King When in God King mode, his critical damage is increased by 25 percent
Biondina At Least I’m Free When casting Tidal Wave, if the target is not buffed, there is a 50 percent chance that she could perform a Pursuit Attack.
Sally Music of the Horn After casting Ode To Joy, she selects 3 random allied units and dispels 1 debuff from them
Ollie Fury Rekindled Before casting Law of Duat, he gains attack up for 2 turns
Zora Never Again When his HP is above 70 percent, Keen Edge’s final damage is increased by 25 percent

Wind and Shimmer Legendary Divinate

Dislyte players can use the following information to learn more about the Wind Divinates:

Esper Divinate Description
Yun Chaun Pikeman’s Code He gains speed up for 1 turn
Tang Xuan Spirit of Chivalry When his HP is above 70 percent, Righteous Anger’s Damage is increased by 30 percent
Triki Game of Checkers When casting Green Flames, he inflicts speed down for 2 turns.
Hyde Whispers from the Abyss When casting Underworld Curse, he gains Breath of the Deep
Gabrielle Storm Anchor When casting Broadside, he gains Attack Up
Sienna Walking with Nature Before Casting Guardian Vinde, she grants DEF up to a random ally
Ahmed Out of the Spotlight When World Stage is on cooldown, Prelude to Life’s Healing increased by 20 percent
Ophelia The Incommunicable When the enemy’s health points are below 100 percent, Elegant Strike’s final damage is increased by 30 percent

The Shimmer Divinates include:

Esper Divinate Description
Raven Ninety Miles per Hour Before casting Sunset, he gains ATK up for 1 turn
Unas Hidden in the Winds At the end of her turn, she grants a random ally SPD UP
Feng Nuxi Storytime She grants DEF Up to 2 random allies
Cecilia My Golden Years She has a chance of dispelling 1 debuff from herself
Tevor Unbelievable Cases Vol 1 His critical damage is increased by 25 percent for the first turn
Jiang Jiuli Regretful Rage When entering Demon Mode, he inflicts Stun on all enemies
Everett And Justice for All When his health points are above 70 percent, Valkyrie’s Glory’s Final damage is increased by 30 percent
Xuan Pin Pieces on the Board She grants 1 ally Soldier
Toland Behind the Scenes When casting Point of Origin, he extends the target’s Ability Cooldowns

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